Shock! Impotent can cause by very special factor

005 (4)When you can’t get a promotion, the impotent happen. The life suddenly occurred extremely difficult, then the impotence happen. To be a new father who is full of chores and worry can cause impotence. Major incidents of social life such as earthquake, typhoon, unrest or war also can cause impotence. These things seem to be irrelevant to penile erection, but it has close relationship with the occurrence of impotence.

In the whole structure of the human body, sexual function is not life supported system. So, when a person is under intense pressure of mental and physical, sexual function will give way to other. Among them, two kind people should pay special attention.

1, Young people

The young men sometime happen one time metal impotence, which is caused by special psychological or physiological factors. What happened this time caused a vicious spiral of anxiety and fear.

Young people often be lack of experience, if the lack of scientific sexual knowledge can easily cause mental burden or symptoms of mental illness. Most men can be downplayed or ignored the occasional one or two erectile dysfunction, these people do not develop impotence. Some other people, small changes on the individual body was more sensitive, more care, this characteristics of youth will have doubts about their ability, are often high-risk individuals’ mental impotence.

2, Middle-aged person

In the past, the middle-aged and elderly age is inconsistent. In order to strengthen the scientific nature, the book according to internationally recognized standards that the age of 40 to 60 is middle age people, and more than 60 year old is elderly division.

In our country, a man at the age of 40, almost all marry and settle down. Most of the middle-aged man with sexual experience and adaptability. So it is low rate mental impotence for the middle aged men. The spirit of middle-aged and young people than impotence is slowly, imperceptibly, of unknown cause. But some factors influencing young people of middle-aged people also play a role, such as alcoholism etc..

Several times of sexual intercourse failure after early marriage is not impotent

005 (3)Although the impotence is a common male disease, but many male friends do not really know what real impotence is, even there are existence of some misunderstanding. So what is the common misunderstandings of male impotence? Let go further for this topic.

1. The early marriage several times sexual intercourse failure as impotence

This situation is quite common, especially the wedding night, due to highly excited, tired, or even drunk; or because of newly married couple with the lack of cooperation to cause poor erectile function, so leave their incompetence in the mind of the shadow. This situation is very likely to cause impotence after later.

2. Think that can’t bring female orgasm and pleasure as impotence

This is a big mistake, as long as his penis can erect, smooth get ejaculation and reach orgasm through sexual intercourse, which is not impotence. One of the important sex features of men and women is that the male is fast and female is slow. Sometimes, the man has already be ejaculation, but the woman has not get climax yet, which is a physiological phenomenon. It can be defined as unharmonious sex life at most, should never be considered as impotence.

3. Masturbation will definitely cause impotence

Frankly speaking, masturbation is a common behavior of teenagers. There are some people worry about masturbation can cause impotence, and afterwards also really have had impotence. But modern medicine has been elucidated, the occurrence of impotence, essentially not because masturbation damage sexual organs, but long-term masturbation brings about mischief spirit and psychological factors, as long as the lifting of the above various spirit “knots”, it may not happen impotent.

4. Frequent spermatorrhea will cause impotence

In fact, such worries are unnecessary, healthy unmarried men 1-2 times monthly spermatorrhea is normal, and more than 4-5 times is a little more than the normal situation, which may be related to genitourinary organ inflammation or some life factors induced, such as wearing tight pants, sleep at night, daytime local hot overworked. But modern medicine has been clear, there is no necessary link between impotence and spermatorrhea.

5. The usual bad erectile response was not obvious for impotence

There are a lot of young people claimed that like when excited previously, the penis will naturally erect, but now this kind of reaction is not obvious, so they thought to have impotence. Because there is no complete sexual stimulation from your partner, including vision, hearing, touch, smell and other aspects of sexual stimulation, but also because there is no real sexual practices, with penile erection or not, is not for the diagnosis of impotence. This happened spirit erectile is complex, with a person’s physique, thoughts and emotions change, when the time difference, this is not index to judge impotent.

6. Premature ejaculation later development will inevitably become impotent

People who hold this view can give some specific examples, these patients showed premature ejaculation, just shortly ejaculation after no contact or contact the woman, and then even erectile function cannot performed. This situation is often psychological factors at play. If get effective treatment during the occurrence of premature ejaculation stage, it will not happen impotent. Today, modern medicine also did not find the existence of some certain relationship between premature ejaculation and impotence.

7. Erectile dysfunction after partner change is called impotence

Strictly speaking, this view is not correct. Some people is normal erectile function with his wife, but was unable to get up in the affair in sexual intercourse. This kind of “selective” impotent person is not a true impotent patient. From one side, he happened impotent, from another side, his sexual function is good.

How to treat the elderly impotence problem?

picrelated.comImpotent means that the penis cannot erect, or erection not firm enough to be inserted into the vagina, cannot complete the normal sexual intercourse. The elderly sex is more relied on emotion feelings, both sweet memories, warm words, intimate movement can make people feel happy and satisfied. Therefore, the elderly people do not necessarily required frequently sexual intercourse. With the increase of age, sexual intercourse situation will change, such as the time interval extension at the age of 60, 1~4 times a month, at the age of 70 every 1~2 months for 1 time. And erect slower every time, semen gradually little and even do not ejaculate, all these are normal, it is physiology change, not a disease.

The elderly impotence often caused by their spirit. Such as you feel old, is afraid of people joke on take sexual intercourse, and even afraid loss lifetime.

Secondly, it is the vascular impotence. Such as atherosclerosis and stenosis, the penis hyperemia difficulties, which can be confirmed by angiography Doppler. This situation need drugs treatment to improve the blood supply. When necessary, it can cure through the artery and abdominal wall under the albuginea anastomosis, so as to increase the blood supply.

Furthermore, there is a vein dilation, blood is not stored after erecting and rapidly softening, then cause impotence, which can be diagnosed by cavernosography, also can make phallic perfusion test. This situation can cure through the treatment of ligation of deep dorsal vein of penis and penile crural vein.

There are also neural impotence, such as prostate resection, serious lumbar bone hyperplasia. And Endocrine impotence, mainly in patients with diabetes.

Excessive sex in summer easily induced impotence

005 (2)Normally, winter is the less sex season during the cold weather, due to some house is not that warm to take away the clothes. And the summer will be the active season of the sexual intercourse. When the temperature is increasing, the sexual activity will be obviously increasing, as well the rising enthusiasm of people. However, as we all know that everything should be within the limitation, and sex is also no exception. So please do not excessive sex.

We often hear about erectile dysfunction, and a lot of people are not unfamiliar to it. In general, erectile dysfunction has two different kinds, one is the abnormal body organs, but this only accounts for about 10% of the proportion. And another kind of erectile dysfunction accounted for most of the patient’s body, and not just the body organ lesions, forming a special pathological reflex.

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the kidney is the source of life. Deficiency of kidney qi, due to excessive sex, resulting in leakage of energy, kidney qi deficiency, cause the whole people feel terribly fatigued, depressed, backache leg soft, even dizziness and tinnitus, thirsty night and with much sweats, will cause insomnia and other problems, so as to lower body resistance, but also prone to the phenomenon of erectile dysfunction.

Young people should avoid excessive sex

Young people always relied on their own good physical body. In the case of sex life so frequently, the system in a long-term overload work, causing the whole system overload, sexual organs congests for a long time, not enough rest and recovery time. Finally, the system will be overwhelmed by the emergence of dysfunction, erectile function was inhibited, closed, has led to the emergence of erectile dysfunction.

Masturbation excessive will cause ED

Except the normal sexual life, in fact, if masturbation without restraint, and the harm of excessive sex life is the same. The masturbation do not need to have a great penis erection, then the normal erectile will become accustomed to this behavior, and finally developed to erectile dysfunction. When the real sexual intercourse, the penis cannot get a good erection. This will increase the psychological burden of patients, further aggravating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Six kinds of people in life are susceptible to impotence

005 (1)Male impotence is the most reluctant to touch, if men suffering from the disease, for a man who is very seriously. The impotence is not only beat you in bed, but also loss confidence in the daily life. Especially in the current society which is worship of the stronger, and should pay more attention to impotent disease. So what people in life is easy to suffer from impotence?

1. People drink frequently, constantly socialize activity. The wine can make prostate congestion, so often drink men are most likely to suffer from prostatitis. And prostatitis will squeeze the urethra, which formed the wait urine, urinary endless and other symptoms, and prostatitis itself is also easy to cause impotence.

2. People much smoking. The nicotine in cigarettes can damage the sperm quality, and cause impotence, so the excessive drinking can harm the male function. Predisposing factors of depression may also cause impotence. So those who often smoke need to take care of your sexual function.

3. Irregular time schedule people. The working men who often stay up late are most likely to suffer from impotence. The especially evening from 23 to 1 a.m. is the key period from people resting. Male full rest at night, can supplement energy to bring strong sexual function.

4. Emotional person. The men who mood swings with complicated psychological activities, the general psychological pressure and mental burden will be relatively larger, so it is prone to psychological impotence.

5. People taking the drugs without doctor suggestion. For example, the most common drug Viagra, now the drug government management is not very strict, patients can easily buy Viagra. In fact, the Viagra is actually a prescription drug, need a doctor’s prescription, but some of the men excessive usage will produce dependence.

6. The man who always in the kitchen. The new research shows that men often cook also suffer from impotence or premature ejaculation. The kitchen should have 74 kinds of chemical substances that can cause cell mutation, resulting in infertility, become the new family health killer. The study found that the Drosophila fed with the condensed oil kitchen, the chromosome mutation rate was 0.54%, and 2.8% of the Drosophila infertility, which indicates that the reproductive system is destroyed obviously.

Experts pointed out that, in daily life, there are bad habits, bad psychological emotions, are men highly possibility with impotence. So, male friend should pay attention to avoid the adverse factors. Once the symptoms of impotence, should be early to normal hospital professional diagnosis and treatment.