Please pay high attention on the below 5 condoms

hot-girl-wallpaper-hdMany people will choose the contraceptive condoms when they don’t want to have a baby, and now buy condoms is also very convenient, whether in the medical store or inside the supermarket, there are many different type condoms available to select. In order to meet the needs of different consumers, more and more types of condoms are designed, however some condoms may cause some health problem for men and women.

1, luminous type condom

Some condoms are luminous type, which use phosphorus coating produced light on condom, although it can increase the sex appeal, but the sensitization of phosphorus is high, so they still need to choose carefully.

2, condoms with thick latex particles

Some condoms with surface particles or spiral convex patterns, the enhanced friction can increase vaginal wall stimulation when using, which can make your partner satisfied. But in comparison, some are too thick latex particles will make the condom easy to crack, so the number of qualified products, its size will be limited, for the sake of safety, please do not choose too coarse condoms.

3, scented condoms

There are a lot of strawberry, chocolate and spice type condoms, when used often makes the female vagina inflammation, when we choose to use these products, you should highly pay close attention of female vagina will have abnormal vaginal discharge situation, or it is better to not use such products.

4, drug type condom

This type of condoms are always with Nonoxynol spermicide, anti-inflammatory drugs, sexual excitement retardant, assisting agent and other agents, although there are certain effects, but often use will affect the male or female reproductive system, it is best not to try too much.

5, the condom with different color

Although strictly speaking, there is no harm with the colorful condoms, which mainly depends on the quality of condoms. But people in the choice of condoms, often easy to attract by the color, but ignore the key problem of quality, so it is highly recommended to choose the no color condom with safety reliable.

Why alcohol can cause impotence?

CZ6bhXPUsAAQRTfMen in the daily life and normally work, there will be some places need to drink, and occasionally drink one or two cups will not have much impact on body health, but if long-term drinking, even develop drinking habits, which will damage the health of normal function, including sexual function will be affected, and even the emergence of symptoms of impotence.

1 Effects on sex hormone metabolism

In a large number of alcohol intake, testosterone levels in the blood will decline, this is due to the alcohol impairs formation of testosterone, in addition to the stimulation of alcohol, the liver metabolism to testosterone will accelerate, sexual life now is prone to erectile dysfunction.

2, the effects on the vascular system

After drinking, people will feel the body fever, flushed skin, this is because a lot of blood flow into the brain and blood vessels in the skin, if sexual life at this time, because the sex organs need adequate blood to normal erection, easily lead to erectile dysfunction. When the fever subsided, the body will feel cold, sexual life at the same time, also because of organ insufficiency prone to erectile dysfunction.

3, the influence of the nervous system

After drinking, it will make brain short excited, but then will be transferred to the state of suppression. If in this short excited state doing sexual intercourse, it is easy to appear bad performance, loss or big deviation of the normal sexual ability. When get into the suppress the excitement of sexual life, this time due to inhibition of the nervous system control function, it is highly to prone to erectile dysfunction.



What are the common manifestations of impotence?

1Some men in the sex life of the daily time, there are some occasional problem of the penis erection, then they worried that he is impotent, but the real root cause is due to their high psychological pressure. In fact, once unable to achieve an erection may be related to many factors, such as physical condition and mental pressure, then what are the common manifestations of impotence?

1, No erection during the night sleeping state.

It is all known that the erection during the sleeping time is one of the physiological reaction of male. If the men are suffering from impotence problem, then the sleeping erection will be disappear for a long time. When you have good erection during the night sleeping time, then is can be judged that it has nothing to do with impotence.  When woke up in the morning there will be penis erection, in this case the erection dysfunction mostly caused by mental factors.

2, very short sexual intercourse.

Impotence disease is usually onset more anxious, although at the beginning time, the sexual life of husband and wife is relatively smooth, but cannot keep a durable time. Or the penis can erect normally, and suddenly be soft when try to insert into the vagina, which are also the symptoms of impotence. In addition, accompanied by mental symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, lack of energy, some may be associated with premature ejaculation or no ejaculation during sexual intercourse. These symptoms of impotence are more common.

3, Long time of sexual dysfunction

The impotence is a common disease in the daily life. After suffering from impotence, with the development of illness, patients will be abnormal sexual function.
These diseases must be occurs within a period of time, which is likely to be impotent, also need to go to the regular hospital to do further checks to confirm, so do not have too much psychological pressure by your own judgment, causing more severe symptoms.

The man erects hardness has four levels, which level are you?

The man erects hardness has four levels, which level are you? During sex, if men are not hard enough, it is usually very embarrassing moment. This bad situation will not only embarrass the male heart, but also may seriously affect the relationship of the couple.

In fact, men in sex, erection hardness can be divided into 4 grades:

Level 1 hardness. The penis is like cotton, and also can be described as bean cake, this erection hardness level of man is really impossible for a great sexual life. Under this situation, the erectile function is poor, and the penis can a little erection after sex stimulation, but usually not firm.

Level 2 hardness. The penis like wet cloth bag, which can be described as a peeled banana, this level is slightly better than level 1. Although the penis has erection, still cannot insert female vagina.

Level 3 hardness. The penis is like sandbags, which can also be described as an unpeeled banana. This level hardness erection can fulfill the sexual intercourse target, but this level of erectile hardness is not the best state.

Level 4 hardness. The penis is like a rubber rod, which can also be described as a fresh cucumber. The penis is very hard, but also strong enough, you can enjoy sex.

So, the question is that why some men do are not hard enough? What hurt man erection hardness?

There are many reasons caused the poor man erection hardness:

  • 1, the hard life pressure. The high pressure men always with bad sexual function.
  • 2, bad life habits. Studies have shown that in patients with erectile dysfunction, drinking and smoking accounted for more than 60%.
  • 3, physical diseases. The people who is suffering from hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, the erectile hardness is generally poor.

Therefore, men want to become harder erection, they should be appropriate for their own relief, good habits, and give up smoking and drinking.

Some erectile dysfunction which is fake impotence

Some erectile dysfunction which is fake impotence Normal male sexual function is one of the key factors of harmony marriage relationship and even family harmony. However, with the living environment changing, the incidence of erectile dysfunction is more and more high, and there is a trend of young. In the andrology clinic, many patients were depressed due to impotence, even feel ashamed. But in fact, there are many "false" impotence patients.

1. There have been several failures of sexual life.

A tough guy is synonymous with men, if there have been several failures of sexual activities, they will worry in their heart that "am I impotence?". In fact, this is situation is largely fake impotence, which is popular in the men who is lack of sex knowledge, such as the new groom.

Clinical data showed that the incidence of erectile dysfunction is more than 50% in the new marriage couples, including more than 95% mental factors. The male due to lack of sex knowledge, excessive tension during sexual intercourse, and poor communication with the partner, then sexual erectile dysfunction is ineluctable. On the other hand, after the busy marriage, the body is too fatigue, resulting in lack of focus, not enough excitement, then happen impotent. The general recommendation to adjust the mood of both husband and wife to strengthen communication, if after rest, psychological adjustment is not a normal sex life, suggest timely medical treatment so as not to delay treatment.

2. Erection hardness is not ideal.

Erectile dysfunction is often divided into three different groups that is erection but not firm, firm but not very, very firm but very short duration. If only appear bad erect hardness, it cannot be just concluded as impotence. If every time when sexual intercourse is erection but not firm state that suffering a greater risk of impotence.

Many factors affect male erectile hardness, and the most common cause in clinical is called fatigue sex. Such as overtime, staying up late, men can’t relax, there will be poor erection hardness phenomenon.

3. Not erect for specific parnter.

This is the situation impotence, which cannot be called erectile dysfunction in theory. The reason may including the tension between husband and wife, or not very love the sex partner.

4. Not to allow your partner to climax.

Good sexual life is a great enhancement to promote emotion of husband and wife. Many female believe that the sexual orgasm is very important, and even judge their partner incompetent as the man cannot provide climax, this kind of understanding is not scientific. Orgasm is the ideal state of harmony for both sides, but in real life, men and women experience different climax.

5. Suspected premature ejaculation as impotence.

Premature ejaculation and impotence are the biggest trouble in male sexual life. Most books define the premature ejaculation as the penis ejaculate before into the vagina, or sexual intercourse is not more than one minute, and most people will misunderstanding the premature ejaculation as impotence. This is a wrong point of view, which mix the impotence and premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is just ejaculate in a very short time is fast, is accompanied by a flaccid penis refractory period. The impotence is cannot be erection or sustained erection week hardness, even cannot finish ejaculation action.

Although we will encounter various clinical factors leading to erectile dysfunction, but diagnosed as impotence, which need professional doctors to determine. It is worth mentioning that if there is a history of diabetes, cerebrovascular disease, when suffering with male erectile dysfunction, recommended medical treatment as soon as possible, to prevent the illness.