Unique human penis

Unique human penis The inside of the penis consists of three long rod-like tissues, often called as sponge. Which consists of two strips of cylindrical tissue, filled with gaps, both side from the top of the penis extension to the root place, and the third one is the sponge body, mainly in the bottom of the penis. They are soft under the normal, like a discouraged balloon, but in the penis erection, all the gap will be full of blood. When with sexual desire, the injected amount of blood even be 8 times than the normal state, and these blood completely flowed into the penis.

These three stretchable tissues are tightly surrounded by fibers commonly called connective tissue. In order for the erect penis to straighten out, this layer must be able to withstand its dilation without rupture, or the direction of the erection will change once it breaks. Although the rupture is rare, if it does rupture, it needs repaired by surgery.

There is one thing is very intriguing, that only human penis do not contain any bones among all primates. In mammals, including rodents, hedgehogs, whale, and bats, almost all animals have penis bone, which provide the support for erection.

The urethra is distributed along the direction of the penis, which holds both urine and semen. To prevent urination and ejaculation happen at the same time, the body has a flap structure that closes the bladder neck during ejaculation, which is very smart design.

The tip of the penis, which is always called as penis glans that is the most sensitive part of the penis because it is tightly distributed with a large number of nerve endings. When a boy is born, the glans is covered with a thin layer of skin, usually referred to as penis foreskin, while the foreskin inside the epidermis contains the secretion of sebum material glans. The function of this layer of foreskin is to reduce the friction of the penis when it swells and shrinks.

A variety of penis abnormalities which need your attention

A variety of penis abnormalities which need your attention Penile dysplasia

This penile dysplasia is extremely rare, and there are only 36 cases have been reported so far. The disease can be accompanied by abnormalities of other urogenital organs and abnormalities of the lower intestine. The penile dysplasia is caused by the obstacle of the embryonic development of the external genital organs. At present, there is no satisfactory medicine or surgical treatment to make the penis perfect normal function. Therefore, it should decisively determine gender as female, and surgical resection of children’s testicles, artificial vaginoplasty, and puberty began to use estrogen therapy to promote the formation of female psychology and habits, and the second sexual development.

Penis after scrotum

This issue is very similar to penile dysplasia at the beginning, and 15 patients have been reported in the literature. We had seen this deformity in a patient whose is suffering pediatric ring chromosome 13, and the urethra was opened in the rectum, accompanied by mental retardation and other deformities. Patients may also be associated with urethral abnormalities. The patient may also have urethral abnormalities. In some cases, the actual penis does not even exist. In fact, only a few erectile tissue is covered by an ectopic scrotal skin after the scrotum.

Some children may have normal anatomy penis, but their location is abnormal, which may reflect different degrees of embryonic development disorder. For some children with only location malposition, surgical procedures can be performed to place the penis back to the front of the scrotum.

Double penis

It is also a rare abnormality in which are estimated only 1 cases of double penis birth in 5.5 million births. In a 1973 literature review, Wilson cites 108 such patients. The total number of hospitalized children in Beijing Children’s Hospital during the past 1956~1970 years was 43913. There were 858 cases of congenital urogenital abnormalities, including only 1 cases of double penis deformity. A typical patient has only one has a normal function and with urethra.


This congenital abnormality is more common, with about 1 out of every 125~350 births. Fortunately, in most cases, the abnormalities are slight and only a small number may be accompanied by penile ventral curvature, penile torsion, or position deviation. The reason is that the secretion of androgen in fetal testis is delayed or insufficient. The target organ is not sensitive to androgen, and progesterone or estrogen is also involved in fetal development.

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All kinds of penis types, please find your best sex posture

All kinds of penis types, please find your best sex posture Situation 1: penis is too long

All men want to be a longer penis, due to they all believe that their penis is short and small. It is certain that a man cannot insert 40cm huge penis totally into a women vagina totally. The penis is too long will make the female uncomfortable really, so this kind of situation should often take the back insert posture, the long penis can touch the most deep place of the vagina, let perineal feel excited. Moreover, the association of animal’s sexual intercourse always makes men more excited.

Situation 2: penis is too thin

The fatal disadvantages of this type is that it is easy to slip out the vagina, and it is not strong enough to strike and rub women vagina. Let the female lying on bed, and man is on the knee to insert is the right way to solve the problem. Because men in the upper position can just through the weight of the body to enhance the sense of oppression, so that you can avoid the penis slipped out of women vagina. And by compression, the clitoris and uterus and vagina of women are strongly stimulated, while men enjoy the pleasures of vaginal contraction. To maintain this position, while the use of rotary movement, classified by the strength of the waist circle, will allow the two genital closely together and to increase the strength of friction.

Situation three: penis is too thick

It is also suitable for the backward sexual intercourse posture, because women flat lying can give the man greatest space to adjust his penis into the vagina angle. Because this position insert distance is not longer, so it can stimulate the sensitive position of anterior vaginal 1/3 part, which is the G-spot position. It is recommended that let the female vagina sufficient lubrication to reduce the friction due to the too thick penis.

Situation four: penis is too bent

Although the curved penis is common, the too bent type is not rare. Bending is a big problem, because the penis angle can be adjusted by your hand holding to make it straight.

Situation five: penis is too short

This is probably the most depressing problem for men that your penis is too short which can make you so embrassing when take off your underwear in front of your partner.

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Is your penis erection normal?

Is your penis erection normal? Due to the stimulation of the sex congestive cause the penis erection, but affected by the amount of sponge congestion, there will show a variety of angles between the penile erectile angle and the vertical gravity direction, and the most common is 70 ~ 120 degrees. And due to the sensitivity of the glans nerve terminal, there will appear below situation that the glans is soft, but the penis hardness is perfect. Furthermore, it is also possible the penis will direct to one side after erects. All these states are normal.

Other abnormal conditions should pay more attention, such as priapism, which is a long time penis erection without sexual desire, can last for a few hours, days, or even month. The priapism is an urgent disease, which is easy to cause a permanent impotence problem. This may be caused by obstruction of the penile venous return, thrombosis, and obstruction of the small arteries. If the priapism pathological condition is repeated for a long time, it will cause fibrosis of the corpus cavernosum and eventually lose the erectile function.

The disease highly occurs in men above middle age, especially in the age of 40-60. The main performance is one or more fibrous scleroma of loose connective tissue between the penis and the penis albuginea. The condition of the disease is that the penis has no symptoms is loose states, but it can prevent erection and also cause erection pain, back bend or side bend, which can seriously affect the normal sexual life.

In addition, there are some special forms of penile erection. Such as the double penis is a rare male external genitalia abnormality, it is estimated rate is about only 1 cases per 5 million 5.5 million births. A typical double penis patient with only one penis has erectile function due to one penis is lack of sponge, but both have urethra.

Although the penile erection is a physiological phenomenon, but there is a general pattern in the erection of the timing and duration, if the erection is too frequent, or erection lasts a long time, it may be the result of a disease which should pay more attention.

How should you have sexual intercourse with small penis size?

How should you have sexual intercourse with small penis size? Of course, you can choose some way to enhance your penis size. For this purpose, Pop Healthy Living network would like to propose below two guaranteed male enhancement products, which have already be proved by the market with hundreds and thousands of positive feedback from the end users:

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In fact, the female’s vagina is a muscle pipeline with very strong expansion capability, usually the anterior and posterior wall of the vagina are close to each other. When in sexual life, the female vagina also had significant congestion and swelling, and vaginal mouth form a stenosis situation, which can produce a holding effect on the penis. In addition, the wall of the vagina nerve endings mainly concentrated in the outside 1/3 of the vagina, and in 2/3 almost no sensory nerve endings, so the length of the penis does not produce more than short penis do. From some people who think they have small penises, in the case of married people, as long as the feelings of the two sides are harmonious and cooperative, the sexual life can be satisfied and harmonious.

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