You will be shocked that tea + stainless steel = poison

The weather is getting cold, so many people change from the glass cup into the stainless steel cup. Recently, however, online news exposure that the stainless steel cup drinking tea has the risk of chronic poisoning, which also caused the attention of many users. With stainless steel cup to drink tea is really terrible, and what is the exactly the truth information? Some reporter do some special experiments.

You will be shocked that tea + stainless steel = poison

The stainless steel cup of tea will release the heavy metal chromium

The reporter first some street interviews, and found that a lot of people are in the use of stainless steel cup, and also many people use stainless steel cup to drink tea. Many people said that the stainless steel cup is clean and sanitary, even fell to the ground will not be broken, but the weather is getting colder, with a glass of water to drink is clearly not appropriate. Then, with a stainless steel cup of tea is right? Then the reporter conducted a lot of experiments.

Reporters first went to find a new stainless steel cup, inside the bubble tea, tight cover cup, still stored for 72 hours. 72 hours later, the reporter opened the stainless steel cup, flip cup found that the cup wall has been obvious signs of corrosion. Insiders had also said that the tea contains a variety of chemical components, which will have reaction with stainless steel cup.

In a stainless steel cup containing chromium, which is a heavy metal, the corrosion of stainless steel cups because of the protective film is destroyed, chromium will be released. And if sustained in use will be on the human body damage. According to experts, chromium is a blue and white multivalent metal elements, there are two common chromium, trivalent chromium and six chromium. Hard and brittle, corrosion resistance, and therefore more used in stainless steel and other products.

If long-term a large number of human intake of trivalent chromium, then it will affect the body’s antioxidant system, easy to get some chronic oxidative diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and other diseases. In addition, due to the damage of the antioxidant system, and prone to cancer and other abnormal proliferation of the disease. Compared with the trivalent chromium, the toxicity of the six chromium is stronger, which is about 100 times of the trivalent chromium. In clinical practice, six chromium and its compounds are harmful to the human body. It is usually expressed in three aspects. One is damage to the skin and cause dermatitis, pharyngitis, etc.; second is the damage to the respiratory system and lead to pneumonia, bronchitis and other diseases; the third is damage to the digestive system, eating even long-term exposure to chromate, extremely easy to cause gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Excessive intake of six chromium, serious can lead to renal failure and even cancer. So experts remind, stainless steel cup should not be used to make tea.

You will be shocked that tea + stainless steel = poison

The worse the quality of stainless steel products, the more likely to be corroded.

Experts said that the quality of the stainless steel cup has good and bad, the worse quality of stainless steel cups more susceptible to corrosion. So people in daily life how to judge the good or bad of stainless steel products? With 3 stainless steel utensils from the public, the reporter went to the University College of biological engineering laboratory. What is the quality of stainless steel products, experts use professional methods to verify.

Experts firstly find the recognition agent. It will be applied on the surface of stainless steel products, if the identification of agents to quickly change color that stainless steel quality is not high, conversely, discoloration and corrosion more slowly, indicating that the higher the quality of stainless steel. Reporters at the scene noticed that smear the agent to identify stainless steel stainless steel products, a certain degree of corrosion, no matter how to wipe also cannot restore, obviously, this way is not suitable for ordinary families.

Experts immediately said that with a common magnet can also identify the quality of stainless steel. If the magnetic stainless steel products is very strong, that it is almost pure iron, since it is iron, with so bright appearance that means it is electroplating products. Real stainless steel products which also contain iron, but also a little bit of magnetism, but relatively weak magnetic. This is because the iron content is relatively small, on the other hand, after the surface coating, there is a stop magnetic properties.

In addition, there is also a small hint can identify whether qualified stainless steel products. First prepare a lemon, pour the lemon juice on the surface of the stainless steel. After about 10 minutes, dry lemon juice, if the surface of stainless steel products left a clear mark, it shows that the quality of stainless steel products is not good, easy to be corroded, and thus the release of chromium hazard to human health.

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