You need activator food to enhance the calcium absorption

Mushrooms and other foods rich in vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium

A number of studies have showed that vitamin D can promote intestinal absorption of calcium, reduce renal excretion of calcium. 90 per cent of the body’s vitamin D through the sunlight in the ultraviolet irradiation, relying on the skin’s own synthesis; the remaining 10% through the ingestion of food, such as mushrooms, seafood, animal liver, eggs and milk products. Foods rich in calcium and vitamin D can also be a clever collocation, such as fish stew tofu.

You need activator food to enhance the calcium absorption

Vitamin K rich foods such as spinach is the formation of elements of osteocalcin

Vitamin K can activate a very important matter in the bones, called osteocalcin, which can promote calcium deposition to the bone, so as to improve the effect of calcium intake. Harvard University research shows that if women’s vitamin K intake is low, it will increase the risk of osteoporosis and fracture. Under normal circumstances, green vegetable leaves the deeper the color, vitamin K content is higher, such as broccoli, spinach, cabbage and so on. If you want to supplement calcium and vitamin K, we can try sesame sauce spinach and asparagus fried shrimp.

Nuts and other foods rich in magnesium help calcium balance

When calcium is absorbed into the blood, the magnesium is constantly “move” calcium into bone, until the bones not need calcium deficiency, if there is more calcium in the blood, the magnesium will to make them out of the body. So, with the help of magnesium, the calcium balanced distribution can be kept to the bones. Once the lack of magnesium, it will make the bones become brittle, more vulnerable to fracture. The food such as seaweed, whole wheat food, almonds, peanuts, spinach are rich in magnesium.

You need activator food to enhance the calcium absorption

Eggs and other foods rich in protein is the skeleton of calcium deposition

22% of the ingredients of the skeleton are proteins, mainly collagen. In the case of rich protein, calcium can be deposited in the skeleton, so as to better be absorbed by the human body. Protein rich foods include eggs, lean meat, fish, etc..

Finally, it is a reminder that some diet will destroy the calcium effect, we should pay attention to.

First, eat too much salt and eat too much meat will increase urinary calcium loss, leading to the body of calcium.

Second, research shows that smoking can lead to lower bone density, excessive drinking will affect the metabolism of vitamin D, which is not conducive to bone metabolism.

Third, a large number of long-term consumption of carbonated drinks and coffee, will lead to the loss of calcium in the bones of the human body.

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