You may not believe woman will the root cause for man impotence

1407329051-hd-wallpaper-hot-girl-hdwallIn most area, it is a very shameful thing that a man is suffering with importance, so man has been quietly endure the impotence of the psychological impact, but not willing to talk with his women. You may not believe that women may the cause for your importance problem. Then, how does the woman can cause impotence?

1. during the woman pregnant phase, no sexual life

The special period of pregnancy and childbirth in women, so there will be no sexual activity for long time. The abstinence time is longer, the sexual desire is long-term in a depressed state, may also cause impotence, premature ejaculation.

2. Woman charm down, no much sex interest.

The woman charm decline caused impotent, often occurs in middle age. Loving couples, different personality, or vulgar words and deeds, the woman form ugly, bad appearance and sexual life dull or infidelity, often leads to the feelings decline of the couple and thus makes a woman lose attractive to man.

3. Women love ridicule men lead man lost sexual interest.

The man is usually the sole breadwinners, work more busy, because the body tired, irritable mood, weak physical body after disease, leading to occasional erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, this woman not only cannot understand, but to blame or even ridiculed it shame, ultimately can lead to sexual function is difficult to restore.

4. Women with fear during sex intercourse without good cooperation.

Every time when plan to have sex, the women does not fit, this is more common before the marriage. A woman for fear of pregnancy, pain and lack of asexual life experience, most women often with fear of sexual intercourse. The woman is not fit or rejected, often leads to the failure of the first sexual intercourse, even after the effects of sexual function. Married women is conservative, or marital dissatisfaction, or physical discomfort, bad mood, emotion transfer case, often take a passive or reject way to sexual request, in the course of time is easy lead to man impotence.

5. Women with illness, affect sex quality

The woman suffering from some chronic diseases such as heart disease, hepatitis, nephritis, vaginitis, tumor or semen allergies, his life cannot be arbitrary, which can inhibit the libido, lead to sexual dysfunction. In addition, the woman’s sexual excitement, the man can make a psychological fear and affect sexual function.

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