You don’t know, these kinds of food destroyed your teeth

The importance of teeth is self-evident, the health care of the teeth is not increased due to its importance, it is not because we do not pay attention, but because some of the details of daily life and diet we do not realize. Which of the following are the food for the inventory of the teeth.


Dark coffee is one of the main culprits causing discoloration of the teeth, and add a little milk in the dark coffee to help dilute the coffee in the pigment, after drinking must rinse.

Red wine

Acid in red wine can cause tooth staining and tooth enamel wear. Therefore, we suggest that red wine is best to drink water gargle.

You don't know, these kinds of food destroyed your teeth

Black tea

Tea has a variety of health effects, but the black tea and other dark tea pigment can make the tooth staining, affect the appearance. The more you drink, the greater the chance of tooth discoloration. Therefore, after drinking tea must be timely mouth rinse.

Ice cream

Colorful ice cream contains a variety of colors, will make the teeth with color. In addition, sugar in low temperature and ice cream can cause tooth discoloration.

Hard candy

Although these fruit candy looks harmless, but if you eat too much sugar intake will cause damage to the teeth too frequently. At the same time, fruit candy itself will endanger the teeth, this is because the sugar contained in the candy, the physical properties of hard may also cause such as tooth fracture and other oral emergencies.


You might be surprised at how many people think that ice cubes are good for your teeth, after all, the ice is made of water and does not contain any sugar or other additives. But chewing hard material can make the teeth become fragile, may cause dental emergencies and damage to the enamel.

Soy sauce.

Soy sauce in the pigment will be contaminated teeth. Eat sushi dip in soy sauce or other foods containing soy sauce in the process, it is best to drink green tea or immediately rinse after eating.

Aromatic vinegar

Vinegar darker color, containing a variety of acidic substances, easily lead to tooth discoloration. Vinegar can eat together with lettuce, lettuce barrier has a protective effect on the teeth.

Citrus fruits.

Frequent contact with acidic foods can damage the enamel, making it more likely to occur. So even if the lemon or lime juice can make a cup of boiling water into a delicious drink, it is not always the best choice for your oral health. Fruit and juice, which is rich in citric acid, can also cause ulcers in the mouth.

Acid drink.

Acid food, such as soda, lemon juice, cola and other acidic drinks easy corrosion of tooth surface and tooth decay.

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