Women three peculiar expectations to men

Almost all the women will have the similar expects on the man, so they will have the similar ideas that "want to have intercourse with such man", "want to talk about this kind of man", "my boyfriend should do like this". But excessive expectation will make men feel headache", and it may even break up the god relationship. Japan Howcollect website published journal article in August 4 introduces Women four peculiar expectations to men.

1 taking baggage is male responsibilities

A 24 year old male respondents said, "His ex-girlfriend think as men deserved for taking her luggage. If your girlfriend ask for help, I would be glad to help her, but it is difficult to accept when she deserved in that tone to take their luggage".

Women three peculiar expectations to men

A lot of women are considered it is male responsibility to carry heavy things. Indeed, in such circumstances, if the men do not do it, it will give women a deceptive sense. But, no matter how close is the relationship, not to express gratitude to each other, it will hurt each other’s hearts. In fact, only need to say a word of "thank you", the other party will immediately feel good, and will have good impression of you. Therefore, please don’t forget to say "thank you" to your boyfriend after his supply much help for you.

2 buy the bill is the male responsibilities

A 23 year old man said, "When pay the bill, she even will not take out her purse, such girl will make people feel depressed."

Although there are many male chauvinist, think "pay the bill should be the male responsibilities", but they always advocates is that "pay the bill is no big deal, but still expect to be grateful". Therefore, women and men at dinner with AA, or occasionally pay the bill will be good idea.

Women three peculiar expectations to men

3 lead dating is male responsibilities

A 21 year old man said "when make dating with girlfriend, she put the date planned entirely under my charge. But if the appointment is cumbersome, she will feel silly expressions. This situation always make me feel bad." In this modern society, woman depend on male with everything that it will be slightly out of date.

Even expect for men, but thye are not necessarily completely. The important thing is to work together with him to get improvement.

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