Women should pay more attention on the hidden place

Women in love are much care of their face, and there will be no any mistake in front of a man. The surface of the body which is hidden under clothing may need more maintenance. Just like the Achilles heel, a little inattentive attention will make bad impression in your man’s mind. This article will give you some very useful information.

Women should pay more attention on the hidden place

One: the black ear area

Be a perfect woman, the ear must be clean. The shy index: 85%. From the maintenance viewpoint, it needs more careful maintenance on the place where cannot see to prevent the flaw in the plan. For your ears, you may remember to clean out the dust, but always forget the exposed area.

Two: acne on the back

To be a perfect girl, can’t have acne on the back. The shy index: 80%. The acne on the back or the chest will be ignored for long time, because usually it is hidden under the clothes, delay in treatment time, plus being clothes cover the ventilation, so it is easy to cause hair follicle inflammation of the situation. If you are coved by much red blain or black blain on the black or chest, even you are with perfect out shape, you also does not have the good fortune and beauty.

Tips for back area maintenance. Using body exfoliating products or with a body brush to do auxiliary when taking a shower.

Women should pay more attention on the hidden place

Three: two layers of tan lines

The shy index is about 70%. After a scorching summer sun baptism, two layers shinning lines on the shoulders due to wearing vest, but perfect skin. This will make you so embarrassing situation. Do not do good protection in the summer with good sunscreen will remain a long time mark in the body.

Tips: Whitening exfoliating massage tan lines. In order to let the sun marks disappear earlier, daily massage can help blood circulation, promote metabolism; regular exfoliating can make color uniform, whitening effect better absorption.

Women should pay more attention on the hidden place

Four: furrowed joint

To be a perfect woman, the joints should also delicate charming. The shy index is about 80%. Someone once said that to be elected Miss China, knee beauty comes first. It is conceivable regret that a pair of wonderful legs, embedded in the middle of two ring rough blackening of the knee.

Tips: regularly joint activities, friction will be good for the knee maintenance.

Five: the feet thick cocoon + chapped heels

The shy index is about 90%. When see the soles of your feet, if yellow, coarse thick cocoon with your feet, these are because of the long walk, wear high-heeled shoes, no heart care, but neglect the foot maintenance accumulated.

Tips: the use of physical millstone, one times per week. furrowed joint, chapped heels

Women should pay more attention on the hidden place

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