Women often wear high heels will be harmful

High heeled shoes not only can highlight women’s sexy body lines, but also can increase the height; so many women love it very much. Do you know the bad result of the beauty of the noble heels? And what harmful result will bring to women? Go through this content!

Evidence from a female health survey called " high-heeled shoes occupation female investigation" shows that approximately 1/3 occupation female wear high-heeled shoes which is more than 6 cm. Experts expresses that if high-heeled shoes more than 6 cm, your ankles and knees will produce a great burden from your body during walking or standing, leg and waist will often suffer with ache. Heel more than 10 cm, ankle, calf, spine and neck feel uncomfortable because of the body too forward.

Women often wear high heels will be harmful

High heels lovers must pay attention on the following problems:

Low back pain and cervical spondylosis

Low back pain and cervical vertebra disease is mainly due to the curvature of the spine. Because animal spine is composed of multiple vertebrae which are connected with each other, the contact surface of the two vertebrae almost plane. When people are in upright posture, the contact force will be dispersed as the vertebrae are surface contact, and the force is almost uniform, so this is the good situation for your health. The curvature of the spine will lead to the contact surface between the vertebrae smaller, and even to tend to concentrate to one single point, so the pressure increases rapidly, it is easy to damage your spine. High heels make people focus excessive forward, will inevitably lead to the pelvis moving forwards, spine bending increased, lumbar and neck stress concentration, easy to cause injury, and such damage accumulation will eventually lead to the occurrence of low back pain and cervical vertebra disease.

Women often wear high heels will be harmful

The knee joint disease

Due to the weight bearing line changed, this will make knee joint cartilage wear intensifies, induce or aggravate the articular cartilage degeneration.

The sprain of ankle joint

The normal people ankle is prone to turn inward force in walking and sports, so the outside of the shoe is always the first wear position. People are in constantly adjusting the turning force to maintain body balance, but after wear high heels, adjustment capability will be weakened, easily lead to sprain your ankle joint. And the higher the heel, the inward turning more potential energy, the extent of the injury is more serious.


The main reason of flatfoot is the plantar fascia relaxation which is in the foot bottom, like a bowstring maintained the stability of the foot arch. The higher the heel, arch back arm is longer, so the plantar fascia by force (tension) is greater. If long-term large tension, the relaxation of plantar fascia will happen, the arch will decrease, finally will cause serious flatfoot.

Women often wear high heels will be harmful

Hallux valgus

Toe cap is too sharp, squeezing the thumb, will cause the hallux valgus. The valgus thumb has been friction pressure between shoes, inflammation and pain will make you uncomfortable.


Some of the high-heeled shoes toe cap is pointed, and the pointed toe often crowded your foot, this will make the bunion problem worse. Bunion is the thumb joint swelling. Of course, bunions may also occur in other toes. Experts don’t think pointed high heels can cause bunions occur, but the high-heeled shoes really worsen the bunion.

Women often wear high heels will be harmful

Mallet toe

When toe forced extrusion with shoes front phase, the toes are not the natural shape, resulting in the middle joint of toes often bending deformation and lead to foot problems. Mallet toe will lead to toe pain.

Metatarsal joint pain

The high-heeled shoes not only change the whole body gravity distribution, but also will lead to more weight shifts to the metatarsal. This will make the forefoot feel pressure or pain.

Women often wear high heels will be harmful

3 good ways to protect your foot daily

1, to protect your feet, first of all, chooses a pair of the most suitable shoes. In addition, expert reminds that about 3 cm high heels have the minimum effect for women’s health.

2, alleviate foot fatigue timely, reduce the high-heeled shoes time, and you can prepare a pair of flat shoes or slippers in office.

3, relaxing massage on pain part, reduce joint and ligament stress.

Women often wear high heels will be harmful

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