Women need not be afraid of five kinds of fruit to help you heal the pain!

For some women, the monthly menstrual period accompanied by dysmenorrhea is always very torture and fear. What is the reason for dysmenorrhea? What fruit to eat to be able to alleviate?

“Dysmenorrhea is not a disease, but it is a pain to kill people.” This is probably a lot of women’s voices, at a certain time each month, the total sick but desperate, no solution. The female who with this troubled may wish to try the following 5 kinds of fruit, might have the effect.

Dysmenorrhea women must have five kinds of fruit

Women need not be afraid of five kinds of fruit to help you heal the pain!

1, durian

The taste of durian is not acceptable to everyone, but it is indeed good for dysmenorrhea. Chinese medicine believes that the durian belong to heat type fruit, after taking has the function of activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, if women dysmenorrhea take durian can be very good to ease the pain, it is very suitable for those who will take women dysmenorrhea. In addition, often taking durian also can effectively improve the abdominal cold, the body’s temperature rises, and it is suitable for people taking cold.

2, orange

Related studies have indicated that, if enough calcium and vitamin D is added to the female, this syndrome can be greatly alleviated. Because calcium can inhibit the brain of depression, anxiety, and vitamin D can control the decomposition enzymes that convert tryptophan to serotonin to control emotions. On the other hand, yogurt is rich in lactic acid bacteria, will also promote digestion.

3, litchi

Litchi seed has a lower blood fat, regulating blood lipid disorder, the role of the line of gas, and so on, female friends to eat before eating litchi to relieve dysmenorrhea have a very good effect. In addition, it also contains rich vitamin A, B and glucose, sucrose, have very good curative effect for insomnia forgetfulness, palpitations, neurasthenia symptoms etc..

4, apple

Red wine stew Apple has a role in the relief of dysmenorrhea.

Practice: the apple cut into crescent with a knife, put the apple into the milk pot, pour in red wine before Apple, with the fire simmer for 15 minutes, turn off the heat, apple soaked in wine after two hours, then you can eat.

5, mulberry

In this season, the mulberry boiled cream, add honey and stir can take, nourishing yin and blood, improve irregular menstruation symptoms.

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