Woman most suitable four sexy parts to kiss

1, Lips

Before the sexual intercourse, the hot kissing plays an very important role. At this moment, you will find people lips are so wonderful parts.

Woman most suitable four sexy parts to kiss

2, Parts between lips and chin

Compared to face other parts, the parts between the lower lip and chin pain sensitivity relative to slightly lower. After the hot kiss, a suddenly gently bite each other’s chin will give an unexpected stimulus. In addition, bite the jaw will give "involves feeling", so that the other party to avoid you bite and backward moment th. This action generates "involves feeling" is reflected in the heart is a kind of care of love, at the same time to create a happy atmosphere in the process of sex.

Woman most suitable four sexy parts to kiss

3, Cheek and shoulder.

The shoulder is a constant left bite mark place by others, as this place relative to other parts skin not only relatively hidden, but also more solid. Not only that, often the bite marks will be more obvious, often appear a row of teeth bite marks.

In the man’s chest especially woman chest kissing and bite action is the most common thing. Both men and women can use their teeth to bite each other’s nipples, and leave a stack of staggered red teeth marks in the peripapillary.

You may think the bite will be pain, but the true feeling is that each other when bitten is enjoying the soft breast and hard teeth collision pleasure.

In addition, after the soft bite, the chest will become red. This will be a wonderful view during the sexual intercourse.

Woman most suitable four sexy parts to kiss

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