Without calcium, the human body actually immediately withered

As is known to all, calcium is essential to the human body. Strictly speaking, a person without calcium, so far away from the dead. So, we have to pay attention to calcium supplement in life. So, what to do to achieve this goal? Of course, the best way is to eat! Now, please wait and see.

1, spinach

People who like to eat vegetables like supply calcium, don’t miss a small bowl of spinach, due to spinach can supplement daily calcium requirements 25%, in addition, spinach contains the health benefits of cellulose, iron and vitamin A, but note that spinach contains oxalic acid, before cooking need put into boiling water, or trace elements will phytic acid oxalate and calcium, iron and zinc combined to form compounds cannot be absorbed, effects of trace elements of calcium, iron and zinc absorption.

Without calcium, the human body actually immediately withered

2, water bamboo shoots

Many people think that the water bamboo is broken when was covered with black spots, in fact, black spots on the water bamboo shoots is a kind of fungus Ustilago esculenta, which can delay the aging of the bone, but pay attention that some people who is not allowed to eat water bamboo, inlcuidng menstrual women, patients suffering renal function and urinary tract calculi.

3, onion

The onion has a very strong bactericidal effect, so it can enhance human immunity. Often eat onions can help prevent the loss of calcium in the bones, onions have a role in preventing osteoporosis.

4, Cabbage

Cabbage with potassium sodium less, more on the cardiovascular system, and easy to make people feel happy. In addition, fresh cabbage can be antibacterial anti-inflammatory, but also on the ulcer has a good therapeutic effect, can accelerate the wound healing. Finally, the cabbage is also rich in folic acid and iron, pregnant women and anemia patients should eat more.

5, seaweed

Rich nutrition, high iodine content, so it can be used for the treatment of goiter due to iodine deficiency caused . In addition, its calcium content is also higher, the calcium content of 264 grams per 100 grams of seaweed. Each time should not eat too much, so as not to cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain.

6, black fungus

Black fungus is good for lowering blood pressure, in addition to blood pressure lowering effect, its calcium ability is also very strong.

The calcium content of each 100 grams of black fungus is 247 mg. In addition to calcium, it is fill hunger, light strong wisdom, bleeding and pain, blood circulation and other functions. Edible fungus can also be left in the body of the digestive system of dust, impurities, adsorption concentration up to discharge in vitro, so as to play the role of clearing the stomach and intestines. It is an important health food for mine workers and textile workers. It also has a certain anti-cancer and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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