Winter health three treasure potato fungus and algae

Potato type

Potato is Cross food, both have cereals characteristics and the attributes of vegetables. In contrast, potato is much easier for storage than the leafy vegetables. Therefore, potatoes, yams, taro, sweet potato is the main ingredient of winter in the cold area.

Edible fungi and algae

In fact, edible fungi and algae also belong to the vegetable. Pop healthy living network list it here is distinguish from the common fresh vegetables. Compared to fresh leafy vegetables, the edible fungus and seaweed is much easier to store, and has outstanding nutritional value, and thus mushrooms, edible fungus, kelp, seaweed is a good substitute for winter when lack of green leafy vegetables.

Winter health three treasure potato fungus and algae

Soy products

Tofu, bean curd, soybean products, originally is the food which should every day eat, and when winter fresh vegetable shortage, you can appropriately increase the intake of soy products. Plant ingredients, vegetables and soy products also have many similarities, however, substitute vegetable from soy bean products, the biggest difference with the other ingredients is soybean product does not contain vitamin C, this is soybean products short point compared to other fruits. However, soybean and bean sprouts grow rich in vitamin C, therefore, sprouts are indispensable vegetables in winter.

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