Winter cold, you may not need to take medicine

Winter is a high cold season. What food is good when you caught a cold?  Eating balanced to control a cold will have certain auxiliary effect, so how should we achieve dietary balance? Not only can assure food nutrition, also can assure taste light. Next we come to l to talk about what to eat when you get a cold?

Autumn to winter, the weather changes a lot, so these two time is the critical time due to the flu problem. So what can we eat to ensure that food and nutrition, taste light?

1, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. For example: Chinese cabbage, spinach, cabbage, celery, carrot, white radish, Sydney, Sydney, ice sugar, mung bean, ginger, mutton soup and other meat (but food should not eat too much, because they are acidic foods, eat too much is not good for your health), eat more mushrooms, they can enhance resistance.

Winter cold, you may not need to take medicine

2, should not eat greasy food and seafood, shellfish and other shellfish.

3, cold fever, should drink more warm water, and more sleep, so that it can be covered with a good sweat, while maintaining indoor ventilation.

4, eat some cereals, such as millet, rice, glutinous rice, red beans, mung beans, barley etc..

5, do drink some ginger, which can help cold dampness.

6, eat less junk food. Such as: fried food, biscuits, soda, food engineering, instant noodles meat dish food, canned foods, plum preserves food, barbecue food, pickled foods, frozen dessert food etc.

7, from the point of view of traditional medicine, cold patients should eat soft food, such as porridge, soup, etc.

Two, how to prevent a cold?

1, regular exercise, adhere to exercise, develop a reasonable eating habits, quit smoking less alcohol, do not stay up late.

2, open the windows to maintain the indoor air circulation.

3, Do some health drinks: green tea, red wine, mushroom soup, soy milk, yogurt, bone soup, etc.

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