Wine boiled kelp can make cancer cells to commit suicide!

1, the vegetable juice can repel cancer cells

Professor of medicine had suffered from liver cancer, and the cancer cells have been transferred to other two parts. After a period of struggle, he decided to take the therapy to improve the immune system, the method of treatment. Drinking “immune juice” a week after the situation improved.

The therapeutic improve immunity methods have two requirements: first is to minimize the intake of salt, because salt is the proliferation of cancer with necessary nutrition; the second is taken to improve the immunity of the dietary strategies, a drink made of fruits and vegetables must “immune fruit and vegetable juice”. Also try to reduce fat intake, try to not eat meat, do not drink, and drink less coffee, the staple food of sweet potato based, to take the refined brown rice instead of white rice.

Wine boiled kelp can make cancer cells to commit suicide!

2, fermented cabbage to enhance immunity 10 times.

Experiments show that the raw cabbage acquired immunity and anti-cancer effect. However, after the fermentation of cabbage to eat can produce a greater immunity and anti-cancer effects.

Because the fermented cabbage contains more isocyanate, with clear free radicals, effectively enhance the immune system and kill cancer cells. Experiments show that it can make cancer patients in vivo “phagocytic cells” increased by 20% – 14%, while the body’s immune antibodies also increased significantly.

3, “wine cooked kelp” let cancer cell suicide

Hokkaido University Professor Kobayashi, grow 6 benign tumor at 43 years old, and after surgical resection, his body continue to tumors. Professor Xiao Lin thought, kelp for the prevention of colorectal cancer may have a good effect, because the kelp contains a lot of water soluble food fiber. He holds a glimmer of hope, trying to cook seaweed to eat. After ate only about a month, laxative situation becomes very good, after half a year will no longer be bloody discharge. He ran to the hospital to check, the large intestine tumor completely disappeared.

According to the recent research results, the food fiber contained in kelp has the effect of making “cancer cell suicide”. One day to eat 3 -5 grams of dry kelp cooked food can effectively inhibit the development of cancer. It is necessary to pay attention to the iodine content of the kelp, if excessive intake of iodine, thyroid function will reduce.

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