Why women will become violent during sex activity?

In the sexual life of husband and wife, some women often have some rude behavior, and this let some men feel terror, who think this is incomprehensible.

In fact, this behavior is not unusual. Some surveys, in America 5%-10% couples appeared to catch, hit, pinch, deflection behavior during sex life, and can get great pleasure from this activity. If these behavior has some similar point as sexual abuse, both sides are sensible, so it will not bring real harm.

In daily life, deep feelings couples will not use violent to treat each other, even say rude words are afraid to hurt each other’s heart. But when in the sexual life, things often are not the same. In order to pursue the intense pleasure, it is required some strength, and many men like change various postures to put the penis deeper into the vagina.

Why women will become violent during sex activity?

In rough sex, “bite” is a very common phenomenon

Some people say, whether male or female bite, it is to give each other some mark, but this explanation is not acceptable by many people. Some scholars believe that kiss is the most common action and it is most used in the preparatory stage of sex life. With the upgrade of sexual pleasure, this gentle action had obviously become weak. When people love feelings intensified to incapable degree, and they do not know how to express this feelings, it will naturally upgrade kiss to bite.

Why women will become violent during sex activity?

In real life, women significantly more than men to grasping, biting, pinching movements in sexual life

The male is the active role in the sex life, so it mainly complete by male. If men think it is necessary to aggravate the stimulation, they can put the effort in action in sexual intercourse. Women don’t have these convenient conditions, although they can use the initiative to participate in sexual life, but to a specific behavior they can only accept and wait. When they feel the need to express strong feelings, they will be another way, such as scratch, bite and other actions.

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