Why women are so sensitive after the climax?

It is very common that the woman sensitivity will increased after sexual life, and the male glans is the same. After man ejaculation, it is highly sensitive and can’t have the slightest touch, but at this time women often want to man continued strong, violent twitching and impact. The man had stubbornly to hug woman, does not let the other side there is room for any activity. So we do know the sensitivity of male and female genital head changes in sexual activity, then we can give a plausible explanation from the point of view of doubt and training.

Why women are so sensitive after the climax?

The bodies of both after sexual excitement arouse in the process of physiological reaction is one of the dilation of blood vessels, especially leading to genital blood flow leads to an increase in the penis and clitoris congestion and swelling, and the swelling itself can let the penis and clitoris stimulation to become sensitive.

In addition to the physiological changes in the genitals, the mental and emotional changes that occur in the brain (especially the excitement), in turn will enhance the attention of men and women on the penis and the feeling of the penis. When the stimulation after the climax of the glans penis or the glans penis will bring discomfort, and even pain and numbness, so consciously avoid or avoid further stimulation can be understood.

Why women are so sensitive after the climax?

The hyper sensitivity of the condition will be maintained for a period of time after the climax, and then slowly as the swelling gradually subsided, generally it will take a few minutes or longer. Female orgasm just after the flash may have some trance, although sexy high dispersed, but the body feeling consciousness is still in a state of excitement, so will strongly interested in their own feelings.

Some women say their breasts will become very sensitive to touch after orgasm. Some women after the first climax and did not mind the ultra-sensitive clitoris and the nipple to give further stimulus in an attempt to experience multiple orgasms.

It seems that women difference is really great. Very individual female clitoris too sensitive, even the clothes a little friction makes them incessantly of complain of suffering, so this will need a doctor’s help.

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