Why the penis is bent after erection?

Why the penis is bent after erection? "My penis always bends to the right when I erect, but I can have sex. Is this erection of the penis normal?"

Usually the penis is flaccid, when stimulated, the penis will be erection like the mast of a sailing vessel upright, affected by the amount of hyperemia of the corpus cavernosum. Because of the distribution of cavernous sinus blood and the degree of congestion, the erection of the penis will also show a variety of angles, of which the most common is 70 to 120 degrees erectile status. Sometimes affected by the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the glans penis, the penis appears to be extremely hard but the glans is softer, or the penis bends sideways or toward the ventral side of the penis. But if it doesn’t make any difference to sexual life, such slightly bent erection is normal.

But there are also some abnormal erection phenomena that need more attention. Some men erection can last for hours, days, or even more than a month, which is abnormal penis erection. Sometimes even in the absence of sexual desire, because the penis small artery occlusion with venous obstruction, may also lead to abnormal penile erection and even causing pain. If the pathological condition is repeated for a long time, it will lead to fibrosis of the corpus cavernosum and eventually lose the erectile function.

In addition, there is a middle-aged man (more than 40~60 years old) penis induration disease, will also impact erection, and even cause erection pain. When the penis in a relaxed state generally do not have any symptoms, if there is one or more than 1 fibrous induration between the penis and the penis albuginea, resulting in penile erection dorsiflexion or scoliosis, will severely affect the normal sex life. In addition, because up or down urethral crack, the penis chalaza is too short, can all cause the penis bend. And the apparent side bend or the penis bends to the abdomen, will affect sexual intercourse. These symptoms should be timely medical treatment, do not be careless.

There are some special forms of penile erection in clinic. Such as double penis is a rare male genitalia abnormalities, it is estimated that only 1 people born every 5.5 million cases of double penis. In typical patients with double penises, only one penis has erection function, and the penis often turns upward when it is erect. In addition, there is a hidden penis that means penis is very minimal and hypoplasia, subcutaneous fat around the penis is much thicker, the penis tightly surrounded, the appearance of the penis hidden and can have painful erection, and cannot do sexual intercourse.

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