Why the pee has blood after sexual life?

Sex life is an essential part of the young people, but also an indispensable part of our future generations, at the same time, sexual life can also help us to relax. Many women will appear urine bleeding situation after sexual life. There are a variety of reasons for this situation, so this contents can answer all of the doubts to sum up some of the reasons for us.

After the first sexual intercourse bleeding: wedding night, most bride will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding, which is caused by the hymen torn, which general not need special processing, and the bleeding can quickly self-check. But if the bleeding a lot, you should immediately visit the hospital department of gynaecology diagnosis, or bleeding can lead to life-threatening.

Why the pee has blood after sexual life?

Bleeding during pregnancy:

(1) Sexual intercourse after menopause about 4~5 days, the woman suddenly feel abdominal pain, accompanied by meaning and vaginal small amount of dark red bleeding, this should arouse vigilance. Because this may possible the signal of ectopic pregnancy.

(2) In late pregnancy abdominal pain accompanied by vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse, the bleeding amount can be more or less, this may be placenta previa. This bleeding endanger mother and baby life, must be rushed to hospital for check.

Why the pee has blood after sexual life?

Disease vaginal bleeding:

(1) Cervical polyp is by chronic inflammation stimulation caused by cervical local mucosal hyperplasia gradually outward protrusion formation and is bright red, soft fragile, rich blood, when sexual intercourse can easily be broken to cause a small amount of fresh red bleeding.

(2) Cancer: for the older people after sexual intercourse have the emergence of a small amount of vaginal bleeding, bright color, no pain, coupled with the recent leucorrhoea grow in quantity, often early symptoms of cervical cancer which should be vigilant, must make a gynaecological checkup to rule out cancer.

Thus, most people have no dangerous when have urinary bleeding, but there are also a part of people, if there is a small abdominal pain and accompanied by bleeding volume increase trend, then there will may be ectopic pregnancy, at this time should be promptly to the hospital for treatment, because most patients performance the diseases with ectopic pregnancy after sexual intercourse.

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