Why the morning pee is a little yellow?

In the morning, a lot of people have to do the thing is to pee, but the color of urine is often yellow, and what is the relationship with your body healthy status? In general, the normal human urine excretion is indeed a little yellow. If you want to know the reasons for the yellow urine, then read through the following introduction contents.

The color of the urine is also related to the weather condition, when the weather is cold, it will be clearer, but it will be more yellow in the hot days, which is closed to the sweat and water supply, but can also be change with the diet. Or if you eat too much acidic diet, urine color is deep, such as diet partial base, its urine color is light. Sometimes a few pieces of riboflavin tablets oral drugs, urine color will appear dark yellow. But like these changes in urine color is very short, it will soon be able to restore their own.

Why the morning pee is a little yellow?

Under normal circumstances, the body of the waste produced by the body every day and came out of the urine pigment are generally relatively constant, so the color of urine will not vary greatly. 96%-99% of the urine is water, most of the others are waste, such as uric acid, creatinine, etc.. Normal person – day urine amount is 1000-2000 ml, and the man is about 1500-2000 ml every day. The women is about 1000 – 1500 ml. The urine color is light yellow, assumes the transparent shape, and does not have the precipitation haze phenomenon.

Why the morning pee is a little yellow?

Hepatitis may also lead to very yellow urine color, but it cannot say that the yellow color urine is certain with hepatitis. The yellow color urine in the morning, the first consideration is the amount of water is not enough, or sweating too much, any taking medicine, and so on. If only a two time of the yellow urine, and there is no any discomfort, you should not worry too much. If the urine color was yellow, and also feel fatigue, loss of appetite, you need to check in time to the hospital.

Morning yellow urine can be caused by many reasons, and also related to the diet and changes in the weather. If the body does not have any problems, urine yellow time will not last too long, only a short few days, but, if the duration is too long, it is good to go to the hospital in advance to prepare for the examination.

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