Why the man like to touch woman’s navel?

Touch the right side of the spine a woman will be easier to let her become soft than touch the left place.

Wise men know how to develop the body of a woman, but not only touch a woman’s chest and thighs every time when doing sex. In fact, there are a lot of sensitive points of the woman, so stimulating them can bring more great effect than touching the sex organs.

Why the man like to touch woman's navel?

Discovery from scientists survey, many women say their back is more sensitive than the breasts and inner thighs, so stimulate back can even more greater. Furthermore, the scientists study found, touch a woman’s right side of the spine can be easier to let her become the soft body than touch the left. Originally, the spine on the right, where is rich in nerve endings between the ribs and waist, these nerve stimulation of the brain, makes women more easily for sex "dreams". Note that in the stimulation of back, either kiss or caress, the approach must be coherent, not in one place last too long.

In addition, the lower abdomen is also a great place where cannot be ignored. Sometimes, touching the navel can produce unexpected results.

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