Why the impotence is worse when with more nutritional supplement?

b8069e2016763ea4244970b-600wiFrom the Chinese perspective, there are many clinical syndromes of impotence, and kidney deficiency is just one kind of then which performing the waist and knees weak and feeble, much afraid of cold, thin stool. The majority is due to excessive consumption sexual power, caused by the injury of kidney function, then you can choose a variety of traditional Chinese medicine do get nutritional supplement, like velvet, Lubian ginseng, etc..

If the impotence is due to excessive anxiety, which is performing with waist and knees weak and feeble, insomnia, afraid of the heat. Should choose the medicaments, like rehmannia, white peony root, cornus. If blindly taking the drugs of invigorate the kidney yang, obviously counterproductive, which will make the impotence situation much worse.

If the impotence is due to excessive smoking and drinking, manifested as irritability, mouth pain, lumbago, perineal pain, yellow urine. When you are under such situation, you can choose the medicaments clearing gallbladder damp heat, like gentian, Scutellaria, Phellodendron etc..

If impotence is due to mental stress, or cause certain side effects of drugs and other reasons, kidney does not have to take any drugs, when the tension eased, or disable related drugs, will not cure impotence.

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