Why the fruits cannot replace the staple food?

One of my cousins who plan to take wedding photographs told me that in order to be slim to wear the wedding clothes, she plan to only eat fruits without any staple food. I told her this is not scientific, does not eat the staple food will have some bad side effect. So the following article will tell you why the fruits cannot replace the staple food.

Why the fruits cannot replace the staple food?

1, the staple food is called a “staple”, it has importance role in our daily diet:

In the older Chinese residents said that the food should be various, Cereals as the staple food. In many places of our country, there are many people who cannot eat one apple in a month or even year, and they still have healthy lives. There is no people who can not eat the staple food for a month (except some movie stars, models), as the staple food plays an important role in our daily life and healthy living.

2, the staple food provides approximately 75%-80% of carbohydrates, and also provides 8%-10% protein:

And the protein content of most fruit is very low, almost close to zero. The importance of protein on the human body is well know by us, your skin, hair, teeth, bones, all organs cannot work normally without it, especially the woman, if not eating enough protein, the most critical can also cause organs chronic injuries, because all of the tissue repair and growth need protein.

Why the fruits cannot replace the staple food?

3, the staple food can provide more vitamins B especially vitamin B1:

For many people, the main source of vitamin B1 is the staple food, and the whole grain cereal staple food is better. Most fruit does not contain vitamin B1. The main function of vitamins B is to help the body of nutrients metabolism, make we intake sugar, fats and proteins into energy for your body. If a lack of vitamin B, not only the energy metabolic disruption, weight loss is difficult, but also cause many diseases dermatitis, beriberi and nervous system.

4, our stomach like soft food, hate the cold hard food:

Fruit mostly is cold, especially just out of the fridge. If long time eat cold food will cause the stomach disease, which will affects the absorption of nutrients. Especially in the morning, drink a warm bowl of porridge is definitely better than the gnawing a big apple.

Why the fruits cannot replace the staple food?

At last, we also do not think that the fruit is not good. Because each kind of natural food has its own nutritional advantages and disadvantages. In many aspects, the fruit is also great, which can provide more dietary fiber, vitamin C, minerals, potassium, organic acid, beta carotene, flavonoids, anthocyanins and other components of health care, and lubricious fragrance all around, can greatly tantalize your vision and the smell and taste.

Why the fruits cannot replace the staple food?

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