Why sometimes will be pregnant during the sexual safe period?

Many people believe that during the sexual safe period, it will be totally safe to do sexual intercourse. But it is not 100% safe way, so sometimes it will still have possibility to be pregnant. Why will this happen? There are two main reasons

The first: the safe period of time estimation is not so that precise, and it is not easy to control. So sometimes, it will be some mistakes by your calculation.

Second: people generally considered safe period will not be pregnant, so the mood relaxed. Under this relaxed mood and no pressure situation, there will be eaioviposit period ahead of time or additional ovulation.

Why sometimes will be pregnant during the sexual safe period?

Similarly, infertility patients under long-term infertility pressure, and in lockstep abstinence, guidance of ovulation period, it will difficult to have and healthy sexual life between the husband and wife. So it will be not easy to be pregnant when the cerebral cortex is long time under pressure. Relevant data show that there are four or more than four times sex a week among newly married couples, and 82% will be pregnant within half year. And the rate will decrease to 40% while the sex time is three times. And if the sex behaviors is only once a week, the rate will be only 11%.

So the doctor advised couples who want baby must do more appropriate sex life. If your physically and mentally is good, the chance of pregnancy also increased obviously at this time when the sperm quality is best,

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