Why men penis has no bone? Research said it is due to the monogamous system

The human body is supported by bones all over the body. The nose has a bridge of the nose, and the finger has a phalanx. But the magic is that the male penis has no bones. Why would this happen?

British researchers after years of research found the answer: Men’s genitals are originally with bones, but 1 million 900 thousand years ago they decided to implement the marital system, then, the bones in penis, called generic penis bone or rod-shaped bid farewell to the human.

Scientists have analyzed the evolution of species of primate‚Äôs penis process. The penis bone appeared in 50 million years ago, after a long time evolution, the bones of some primates is longer, but some become shorter, such as chimpanzee’s penis bone is only as long as human fingernails, while the human penis bone directly disappeared.

The study found that the penis bone length has direct relationship with the primate mating ability, this means the longer bones, and the longer sex intercourse will be. For the ancients, being able to a longer sex intercourse is crucial to the continuation of the gene, otherwise the other men may be in the end of his immediately after mating with the same woman, and ultimately affect the purity of the genetic.

In the case of a monogamous system, the existence of the penis bone is no longer necessary, because the sexual partner has determined that a male gene can be passed down from generation to generation.

Why men penis has no bone? Research said it is due to the monogamous system

Moreover, the penis with bone does not means that the penis size is larger. Compared with To the gorilla which is closed to human in relationship, for example, they have this penis bone, and they penis average size is only 4 cm; and to the chimpanzee who is much more close to human, they penis size is generally about 7 cm. Compared with the human male, the average length is 12 to 18 cm.

Why men penis has no bone? Research said it is due to the monogamous systemAfter the loss of human penis bone, how to break through the growth of penis size? Australian scholars have done the research, and the results show that the results of Darwin’s theory of evolution is very purely that early women like the men with big penis.

Modern women’s evaluation of men’s indicators are usually two points: one is your appearance and the other is your money. While in the very old time, when there is even no clothes to cover body time, the only thing of men can attract women is mainly their big penis size.

This habit is still present in women’s subconscious until today. Australian researchers through computer image testing found that among different body shape, appearance and all kinds of different penis length of the male body, the female subjects tend to judge larger penis men more attractive. Shoulder width, and height are another two important indicators.

Why men penis has no bone? Research said it is due to the monogamous systemThe big penis ones survive in their genes regeneration. After 7 million years of evolution from chimps to humans, there is now the penis form of men today. With the progress of science, the science behind the sex is understood more thoroughly. For example, the female orgasm is divided into two kinds of vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm, the requirements of male penis size are different.

In a study of 300 women, researchers in Scotland found that among women who experienced vaginal orgasms within a month, about 1/3 had preferred husband with longer penis. Scientists at the University of Texas, in the United States, concluded that 90% of women with clitoral orgasms were more likely to believe that their husbands with bigger penis were more likely to lead to better sexual satisfaction.

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