Why male life expectancy is shorter than women?

A recent study from the diet do many research to find the causes of women lifetime longer than men based on mentality, sunscreen, menstruation and so on 5 aspects. The researchers published a survey report on male life expectancy, and the report said men are not as strong as we thought. Because of the pressure from all sides, male life expectancy continues to shorten, men’s health is under great threats.

This report didn’t show the difference life expectancy between the male and female, but said the death rate of young men are three times than women. According to the survey WHO and the organization of the United Nations Population of many years show that, the average male life expectancy is 5 to 10 years shorter than women, and in some countries, the difference is still rising year by year.

Why male life expectancy is shorter than women? Please read this whole article, then you will get some very useful information to understand this question.

Why male life expectancy is shorter than women?

1, eat more will be short-lived

Man and woman are born with some differences in physiology, including male basal metabolism high 5%-7% women,  this means high energy consumption than women. As early as in twentieth Century 30 years, scientists have done an experiment with white mice.  Provide limited food to a group of mice, which can only guarantee the nutrition necessary for their survival. In another group of mice is adequate supply of food, let them free eating as much as possible. The results found that free feeding group of rats the bones stop growing after 175 days, but the limit feeding group of rats bone growth is still slow after 500 days. The average life expectancy of free feeding group of mice only 2.5 years, while limiting feeding the rats of group life is 3-4 years. Researchers think the damaging free radicals corresponding reducted in less feeding, so the damage is also reduced on DNA and cell, so the aging will slow down. This may explain why eat a lot men to live shorter than women to eat less.

Why male life expectancy is shorter than women?

2, exposed in the sun will be shorter life

Compared with women, men’s way of life is neither scientific nor healthy. For example, men like smoking and drinking alcohol, and cigarettes and alcohol is one of the killer human life and health in modern society, and damage to the men is rather than women. The russual men life expectancy is much lower than women, as the vodka has played an important role. In addition, the eating habits of the male is often eat like wolves and tigers or recurrent binge eating, so the incidence of stomach of men is 6.2 times higher than women on average. Furthermore, men in general eat fat and protein foods more than women, and some research shows that eating too much fat and protein is an important reason for the occurrence of colorectal cancer. At the same time, quite a lot of men do not pay attention to sun light, and do not pay attention to examination of skin cancer, so the man died of melanoma are two times than women.

Why male life expectancy is shorter than women?

3, menstruation increase woman’s tolerance

Compared with men, women love to cry whcih can express pressure and sadness, but if men often tears will be seen as weaker, which had a tremendous impact on the health and life. Tears can not only relieve the pressure and to alleviate the mood, but also is conducive to the toxic substances discharging from the tears in physiology.

Also, the special physical phenomenon of the female also determines their high tolerance, strong survival ability. For example, women‘s period acquired their tolerance, especially the ability to survive in the disaster. In the same conditions of neither eat nor drink and loss of blood, the male may precede died several days or even earlier than women, while women are more likely to adhere to the arrival of rescue personnel, so as to successfully survive from the disaster.

Why male life expectancy is shorter than women?

4, man is too aggressive

The male hormone in men blood is an important cause of irritability and aggressive. During the war years, then men are on the battlefield, which is easily to understand why men are short-lived, because the war took a lot of men’s life. However, in the modern peace age, male‘s seeking to prevail over others character is also an important cause of the die untimely, so the life expectancy is shorter than women. For example, due to seek to prevail over others and drunk driving, men were more likely to die in a car accident is two times than women.

Why male life expectancy is shorter than women?

A survey from Sweden shows that 70% casualties on the freeway traffic accidents is caused by male drivers, 60% traffic accidents in the city are caused by male drivers. That traffic accident statistics in Spain, the proportion of men and women of the driver’s traffic accidents is 60% than 40%. And some other EU countries and America shows, ratio of the male driver of traffic accidents is higher about 70%, the female driver is only about 30%.

5, the attitude determines your life

The male overload work and contribution, both at work and at home, are required to support the family. So man is under bigger pressure from work or daily life than women, so a man suffering from myocardial infarction hospitalization ratio is 7-10 times than a woman.

Why male life expectancy is shorter than women?

Finally, the male attitudes to their health and physical affect their life. A survey shows that in USA, 82% of men will regularly maintenance for their car, but only 50% of men will do regular physical examination. If men can timely found his body strange, timely diagnosis and treatment can significantly reduce the morbidity and mortality.

Although the male life expectancy is shorter than women is an indisputable fact, but as long as today’s men follow the four principles of healthy living, it is possible to prolong life, and even live longer than women. The four principles is, reasonable diet, regular exercise, quit alcohol, psychological balance.

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