Why male genitals appear obvious veins?

Why male genitals appear obvious veins? Mike inadvertently found that there are many obvious veins in the scrotal skin which like earthworms. Especially in the hot time when the scrotum laxity, the veins revealed more clearly. Through the thin skin, these veins look like to be splitting, which worried a lot by Mike. What is the blue veins on the scrotum?

The scrotum is the place where the testes are held, and it expands and contracts as the temperature changes to maintain the best temperature for the sperm production. The nutrition supply transport of the testis is composed of testicular artery, and the related veins take the responsibility of the blood flow back, plus a semen delivery pipe which is called deferens, and this three pipes joint is wrapped into a cord like structure called the spermatic cord. When the spermatic vein have the occurrence of dilated and tortuous for some reason, scrotum, and your scrotum will appear some obvious veins. Medically, it is called varicocele.

When the human body is in standing state, the arterial blood flows from top to bottom, making it easy and natural. The blood flowing from the bottom back is not so smooth. As the blood is attracted by the earth’s gravity, it is very arduous and slow to flow from bottom to top.

"Water flows downwards," which is a law of nature. If you want to make water to flow from down to up unless it is powered by a pump. The veins do not have such modern devices installed, but rather rely on the contraction of the walls of the blood vessel to compress the blood and propel the blood from the lower to the upper. This intensity is very limited, and they must be transported step by step. To prevent the flow of blood return, there is a special structure in the vein called the vascular flap. The valve has a single direction limiting function, that is, it allows the flow of blood from with a single direction. The vein blood vessel uses the blood vessel valve function, realized the blood to flow upward from the bottom.

Why male genitals appear obvious veins? There is a certain long way to go of the testicular vein blood reflux, if the vessel flap vascular dysplasia, which cannot withstood the test of time, some vascular flap breakage or incomplete closure which will lead blood backflow barrier function failure, there will be blood reflux disorder, blood sedimentation in the scrotal spermatic vein in the blood vessels dilated and tortuous and the formation of the so-called varicocele.

The spermatic artery of the left and right sides of the human body has a great difference in its route and distance. The spermatic vein in the left side is usually long and tortuous. Therefore, in clinical, varicocele is more frequently seen in the left side, and is more common in teenagers (vascular valve dysplasia). The upper right spermatic vein joins the inferior vena cava, and the upper vein of the left spermatic vein joins the renal vein. When the left kidney has a tumor, the left spermatic vein is varicose at the late stage. Therefore, when the elderly varicocele occurs, we should carefully check whether there is a possibility of left kidney tumor.

Varicocele in the early stage, there is generally no discomfort. With the aggravation of the disease, patients will have perineal fall feeling, slight swelling pain, and lumbar soreness and so on. Due to long term varicocele, blood deposited in the scrotum, testicular metabolites accumulated in the veins of the deposition of blood, resulting in testicular dystrophy, and thus affect the growth and development of testis and spermatogenesis. Due to local congestion, the temperature can be increased, affecting sperm growth and development, resulting in sperm abnormalities or infertility. The skin of the scrotum will also become necrotic and ulcerated due to ischemia and hypoxia, resulting in a prolonged ulcer.

Therefore, it is necessary to treat the varicocele as soon as possible, especially the younger patients with varicocele, in order to avoid prolonged congestion and affect the development of the testis, thereby affecting the fertility function. Varicocele in the elderly should go through a check, exclude the latent left renal or tumor, timely treatment.

Varicocele is due to the congenital hypoplasia of the vein valve or the breakage of the vein valve, which cannot prevent the backflow of blood. Modern medical technology is not yet able to repair valves and there is no cure for the function of the valve. Currently, only the surgical procedure is used to block the flow back of blood, such as the high ligation of the spermatic vein, and the bypass of the distal vessels if necessary.

With all the information above, I believe that you have already get the answer of the question in the front place.

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