Why is male genital organs so fragile?

Why is male genital organs so fragile? It is well known by all that man should protect their genital organ parts carefully. Why is the male genital organ so fragile? Please see the below introductions.

The entire vulva of the man, including the penis and testicles, are the vital part, especially the testis. Because testicular nerve distribution and the outside thick tough white film, make its volume is strictly limited and cannot be easily deformed. So the testicles are a delicate organ that cannot be touched and they are extremely sensitive to stress. For example, you can easily tweak your thigh muscles, or squeezed belly, it will not feel much pain or discomfort, but if you use the same strength or less effort to pinch the testis, it will cause great pain there.

Therefore, once the man’s genitals, including the penis, scrotum and testis were directly hit by something, such as a football hit will bring great unbearable pain, even the pain fainted, so-called neurogenic shock. There are also some accident that the man will killed by the testicular wound or hard hit.

In theory, the testicles are not very vulnerable, but there are some conditions that can cause the testicles to be hit directly. If you fall off your bike, or sit down on a hard object, just hit the testicle, then you cannot escape this hit condition from the bottom. Especially the elderly, limb movement is not flexible, so it will easily fell off the bike, or fell on the roadside ditch. With all kind accidents, it is highly possible to get testicular damage. Testis is very delicate, the skin of scrotal skin of old person becomes very flimsy after the atrophy, and protection ability is reduced a lot. Especially the scrotal skin elasticity is poor, the degree of testicular suspension is also increased, and you should pay more attention on this situation.

After hitting, the testicles contract back to the perineum. Therefore, as long as the shock is not too heavy, move slightly so that the retraction of the testis drops rapidly to its original position.

Otherwise, the testis, which is stimulated by external stimulation, is in an abnormal position for a long time. Testicular torsion can distort the blood vessels, interrupt the supply of testicular blood, and lead to testicular tissue necrosis after a long period of ischemia.

If the pain is relieved soon, there is usually no problem, but if the stress is too heavy, the pain is excessive, or the urine is mixed with blood, you should visit to the hospital for examination and treatment at once. If you missed treatment opportunities, there will be serious complications, then it was too late to regret.

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