Why does the penis erect for no reason?

Why does the penis erect for no reason? When teenagers enter puberty, their sexual arousal and sexual desire will develop because of the awakening of sexual consciousness and the initiation of sexual psychology. If you have some sexual stimulation in life, such as heterosexual love, see the film or book about love story description, sleep with some sex related dream, and genital friction from the tights, will all possible cause penile erection.

All this is not a morbid state, but a very normal and common phenomenon. Some people may also occur erection during sleep in penile erection. However, the frequency and time during of penile erection, vary with ages that the average night erectile 6 times for the adolescent, and each time the erection duration is about 20-30 minutes; young adults on average every 1-1.5 hours erection once; after middle age, the number of penis erection will be reduced; healthy 65 year old, every night can still be several erection.

Just because these erections happen in night sleep, the parties don’t know it. Whether or not the penis is erect during sleep is a reliable marker of whether the penis can erect in a waking state. When penile erectile happen in sleep, it is indicating normal sexual function, even suffering with impotence that is psychogenic type. When there is no penis erection happening in sleep, that is organic impotence.

Our internal organs are controlled by sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, and the sex organs are no exception. The erection of the penis is controlled by the parasympathetic nerve of the sacral cord and the erection of the penis when the parasympathetic nerve is excited.

Both sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves have some tension, which is a weak and continuous excitement, and they rival each other like a seesaw. When the sympathetic nerve is excited, the parasympathetic nerve is relatively inhibited. During the day by the environment of various stimulation, sympathetic nerve accounted for the relative advantage; and in the night quiet and sleep state, especially in paradoxical sleep, parasympathetic nerve is dominant, there will be male penis erection, female genital congestion phenomenon.

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