Why do men love red temptation?

Many women believe that the man always like the pursuit of the good things. In the long life of couple life, inevitably there will be dull. As a woman, you must know the necessary flirting means. Through the investigation and study, experts found that men are mostly favor on the “red” color. Today, this article will uncover some secrets from the man psychology viewpoint.

Why do men love red temptation?

In this colorful world, the color can be very intuitive effect of love:

Do not you believe? Please ask your man side by you. The man is more obvious in the color, and more like the red color. Red lips, red underwear, red profit dresses are synonymous with sexy and beautiful.

Red temptation theory is not fresh:

Women use pink blush and bright lipstick has a history of nearly 12000 years. USA psychologist Adam Pazda of University of Rochester in New York. and other researchers have conducted a new study of this effect. Pazada believed that the color effect is possibly due to biology.

Why do men love red temptation?

Many female primate faces became very red when be in estrus due to the female hormone increased, and this seemed to give the male sexy life signal. Pazda says this is the same to human beings. Confirmed in previous research by scientists, no matter what kind of clothes, even if it is just a T-shirt, a red one are more attractive than other colors to men. In order to understand the reason, pazda and colleagues conducted a simple experiment.

The “Journal of Experimental Social Psychology” released a research report, scientists show some women pictures with different clothes to 25 men, and let the male to rate the sexy score ranging of 1-9.  The results showed that men think red suit means that women are more open.

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