Why do men care about women the past story?

It is said that man has broad-minded and tolerant heart, but most man is interesting in the woman past stories. Please do believe that there are such man everywhere. When he has identified a relationship with this woman, it will subconsciously have a kind idea of “should know everything about her”. And the women are different, once the woman has a boyfriend, she pay more attention on now and the future, but not very much care about his past. So, why do men care about it much more?

Why do men care about women the past story?

However, this is an open time, people’s thinking is more and more open, and the emotional world is also more and more rich. Most of the young men and women will have their own paragraphs romance. Some of the young women in particular, because she was the protagonist of the emotional story, therefore, that is afraid is married with children, even the life is coming to an end, the unforgettable memories will still wrapped around her.

It is not difficult to imagine, woman’s past romance, for a woman is emotional story, since both do not have to come together, but the good feelings in the memories of his past romance or sweet with a faint pain. For a thousands of years by traditional cultural indoctrination of male chauvinism, even marriage derailment, hooking up, but a woman’s romance story is not emotional story for him. This is because the man once in love with a woman, even if is the history of each other for a long time in the past, he also will inquire clearly. So, the woman how to face this situation?

Why do men care about women the past story?

To be honest, in an intimate relationship, this is indeed a serious topic. After all, the man is always very selfish once allowed a woman into his emotional world, he will look at this woman as the center of life, and he will put all the emotions into this woman. He not only care about her now, and will also care about her future, and also in the subconscious mind about her past. In other words, whether it is the past, or the present, or the future, the woman should belong to his own.

Although the time is changing, the idea of equality between men and women is pervasive, but regrettable is that it is still man in charge of this world, so the request for a woman did not fundamentally changed.

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