Why do every healthy men have morning erections?

Why do every healthy men have morning erections? According to an American scholar’s data analysis, when men were 20~30 years old, the number of erections in the early morning increased and decreased in middle age. A German doctor also studied this physiological phenomenon. He believes that when the men suffering disease, the early morning penile erection phenomenon will disappear; when the body after rehabilitation, penile erection phenomenon will be back again. Therefore, penile erection in the morning can be used as one of the reference indexes for observing the energy and health status of men.

Often encountered some male patients quietly to the clinic to ask that why the penis will often erect in the morning? Is there anything wrong issue? In order to explain this problem, we must first talk about the physiological function of penile erection.

The male penis consists of two parts of the corpus cavernosum and one urethra corpus cavernosum. Corpus cavernosum is a spongy reticular formation composed of smooth muscle. The space between the cavernous sinuses is cavernous sinus, which is directly connected with the vessels. The cavernous body is filled with blood vessels and nerve tissue, which is the most sensitive nerve is the whole sensory nerve.

When men get external stimulation, such as local contact stimulation from the eye, ears and other sensory stimulation or consciousness arising from psychological phenomena, can make the higher nervous center excited. Under the regulation of the cerebral cortex, the erectile nerve center of the lumbosacral region produces an erection impulse that acts on the cavernous vessels of the corpus cavernosum. Now let the arterial blood flow obvious expansion, so a lot of blood flows into the sponge body; at the same time, let the blood outflow vein vasoconstriction, the blood flow decreased, so blood vessels full retention in the lacuna rich in corpus cavernosum. Thus, the penis is erect.

Normal male penis, in addition to the stimulation of the outside, through the nerve reflex effect, erection phenomenon appear. And sometimes visceral organ reflex will also lead to penile erection. The most obvious is that in the morning before wake up, when the bladder filled with urine, the stimulus from the bladder pressure increased, reflex erection can make the penis a subconscious, and this is a normal physiological phenomenon, medicine called morning erection.

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