Why alcohol can cause impotence?

CZ6bhXPUsAAQRTfMen in the daily life and normally work, there will be some places need to drink, and occasionally drink one or two cups will not have much impact on body health, but if long-term drinking, even develop drinking habits, which will damage the health of normal function, including sexual function will be affected, and even the emergence of symptoms of impotence.

1 Effects on sex hormone metabolism

In a large number of alcohol intake, testosterone levels in the blood will decline, this is due to the alcohol impairs formation of testosterone, in addition to the stimulation of alcohol, the liver metabolism to testosterone will accelerate, sexual life now is prone to erectile dysfunction.

2, the effects on the vascular system

After drinking, people will feel the body fever, flushed skin, this is because a lot of blood flow into the brain and blood vessels in the skin, if sexual life at this time, because the sex organs need adequate blood to normal erection, easily lead to erectile dysfunction. When the fever subsided, the body will feel cold, sexual life at the same time, also because of organ insufficiency prone to erectile dysfunction.

3, the influence of the nervous system

After drinking, it will make brain short excited, but then will be transferred to the state of suppression. If in this short excited state doing sexual intercourse, it is easy to appear bad performance, loss or big deviation of the normal sexual ability. When get into the suppress the excitement of sexual life, this time due to inhibition of the nervous system control function, it is highly to prone to erectile dysfunction.



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