Which time is forbidden for women washing hair?

It is not recommended to wash hair before go to bed

If you have enough time to wait your hair dry after washing at night, this is accepted. But at most situation, for most people, they cannot wait to the hair dry, it is already too late at night. So they will sleep with wet hair, this is really not good for your body health.

Maybe your parents will suggest that it is not good habit, and it may lead headache when aging. In fact through the modern scientific research, people find it is true.

Which time is forbidden for women washing hair?

As we know that the human body in the process of metabolism constantly generates heat to maintain body temperature, they also heat conduction through the blood circulation to the body surface, continuously diffuse to the outside world by radiation, conduction, convection and evaporation means.

The strong resistance people with normal temperature adjustment function, through adjustment, heat production and heat diffusion will keep balance, which means when the temperature tendency decreased, then heat production increased, so that the temperature is still maintained at 37 deg C.

It is easy to get cold sleep with wet hair

For the weak body resistance people, the ability to automatically adjust the temperature is lower, so that the body to maintain normal body temperature ability is poor, so it is very easy to get cold when the body or a partial is cold.

When we wash hair with hot water, due to thermal effects, the scalp will be telangiectasia, so the body radiation heat to the surrounding increased. At the same time because after shampooing the hair is wet, there are a large number of water evaporation out to take a lot of heat. Generally, one gram of water evaporation will take 500 calories.

Which time is forbidden for women washing hair?

Due to the heat diffusion increase, so the reflex to the respiratory tract capillary contraction, partial reduction of blood flow, reduce the resistance to upper respiratory tract, it makes the local pre-existing viruses or bacteria take advantage of growth and reproduction, resulting in upper respiratory tract infection, resulting in flu symptoms such as runny nose, stuffy nose, headache or fever.

If the fall asleep in the case of the hair is wet, at this time the central temperature regulation function is week, they are more susceptible to colds.

Therefore, in general, before going to sleep is better not to wash your hair. If you really want to wash, then dry with a dry towel, and then use the hair dryer, in order not to catch a cold.

Which time is forbidden for women washing hair?

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