Which is fully deserve longevity dish for your daily life?

The modern research shows that kelp contains carotene, B group vitamins and calcium, iron and other essential nutrients. Furthermore, the kelp contains a variety of pharmacological effects of functional factor such as kelp alginate starch, alga ammonia acid, alginic acid, kelp polysaccharide,  fucose polysaccharide, laminine and. With the development of scientific research, it is found that kelp has a wide range of pharmacological activities.

The prevention and control of iodine deficiency goiter

Iodine is a synthetic hormone material, iodine deficiency will cause thyroid hyperplasia enlargement. Iodine rich kelp, helps prevent iodine deficiency goiter.

Which is fully deserve longevity dish for your daily life?


Kelp Laminaria polysaccharide can be activation of macrophages to inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells and kill the tumor cells, inhibit tumor growth by inhibiting the tumor angiogenesis, but also directly inhibit tumor growth.


Fucosan and fucoidan in kelp have the anticoagulant effect.

Reduce blood pressure

The antihypertensive effect of kelp may be associated with ammonia and acid. It contains taurine. High blood pressure patients can often eat kelp.

Which is fully deserve longevity dish for your daily life?

Reduce fat

Kelp in the gut can take some food fat out of the body, so it has good lipid-lowering effect.

Lowering blood sugar

Kelp fucoidan polysaccharide is a good dietary fiber, eat kelp can delay gastric emptying and food through the small intestine, help control blood sugar.

Improve immunity

Kelp polysaccharide is a kind of immune modulator. Some studies have showed that kelp polysaccharide can promote the immune function of normal and low immune mice.


Kelp in the active substances can prevent a variety of radioactive elements and harmful heavy metal absorption, or the formation of insoluble compounds in vitro.

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