When is the hardest erection of men penis?

According to some studies that most men will find the penis nature erection in the morning time, are you one of them? For this summary data, most people believed that the morning erections are the most powerful cases. Does this judgment is true? As we all know that men’s sexual capacity will not be on the line at 24×7 service schedule, and the sexual desire and performance is also ups and downs with peak or valley. So when is the best time to express the male most powerful sex capability? Let’s go deeper with these questions.

The strongest time for men period: 6 – 7 in the morning

When is the hardest erection of men penis?Sexologist Kamal – Kehulana study found that the male body is most sensitive during 6 to 7 in the morning, and the sex desire is also much stronger. Because after a night of rest, fatigue has been removed, and more energetic is back. At the same time, male hormone secretion is exuberant, which can lead much harder and longer lasting erections. Furthermore, most men are relatively relaxed in psychology, and are more confident on their sexual ability. So it’s a good choice to have sex with your partner in the morning after you wake up early.

Unfortunately, women will never catch up with the rapid pace of men that men can immediately have sex after wake up, but women are just beginning of an excitement feeling when already come to the end, so the results cannot be perfect. Women like to do some makeup in sex to play sexy tease, but it is impossible to accomplish this task after just woke up in the morning. In the morning, the penis erection is caused by the full of bladder, which is a natural reflex behavior. On the contrary, at other times, men erections are mostly due to sexual stimulation of the brain and the body to respond.

When is the hardest erection of men penis?Some men like to make love in the morning, because they are confident about their sexual ability. If he does not have the phenomenon of erection in the morning, it is likely to have problems in the sexual side, because the average man can erect 5~6 times a night.

If not for long time, you may are suffering week erection problem. I highly recommended to visit your doctor for some medical check. Or you can try some male enhancement product. Click here to read my review on the VigRX Plus Pills #1 leading male enhancement to get great erections.

In spite of understanding the physiological causes of male erection in the morning, how should women deal this situation when they are not like to do? You should pretend to fall asleep, or refused him?

Husband and wife need communication, especially in the sex life issue. Although this is not romantic when do some agreement on the sex schedule, but it can reduce the pressure on their own. Pretending to fall asleep sometimes works, but always can’t solve the problem. You might open your mind to have some sweet communication. If you have important things to do in the morning, you can promise him to change on Sunday morning, so that you will have more time to really enjoy the fun of sex. But if the woman is really hate to make love in the morning, the husband must take care of each other’s feelings, or she may eventually resist sex, in order to cause damage to sexual relations.

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