When does the man began to say "no" to women?

The main reason for man sex ability reduction is the man spermary aging degenerative changes, and then the brain, pituitary, adrenal and sexual function will also change.

Men generally after 50 ~ 60 years, with the increase of age, the leydig cells can occur gradually aging and degenerative changes, which will lead the reduction of the testosterone secretion as well as the testicular volume, so the body organs are suffering of aging, and then sexual function gradually decline.

When does the man began to say "no" to women?

After the age of 60, the testicular size reduction is more obvious, and at the age of 70, it has been reduced to 12 year old children size. So the testicular function plays a key role in the men’s sexual function.

It will takes more time of the penis erection for the old man and also need more direct stimulation. Man penis erection strength and ejaculate volume usually have decreased in different degree after 60 years of age.

When does the man began to say "no" to women?

However, the individual difference will be very big. Some 50 or 60 years old men will completely stop sexual life, but some 80 years old still have very strong sexual desire.

Experts say that familiar to great individual difference on the elderly on sexual attitudes, sexual desire and ability is very important. If a man have good health, good sex orgasm continues unabated, and a good strong sexual partner, then surely the orgasm and sexual ability can maintain to the age of 70, 80 or even 90 years old.

Visibility the body quality and good health are very important to maintain good sexual function. In addition, other factors can also not be ignored, such as social and psychological factors which will affect or damage the function of elderly people.

When does the man began to say

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