What you eat, what your get

Be young life cannot be separated from the healthy way of life, and diet is the most important. Taiwan magazine pointed out that some of the bad habits of eating, not only to harm health, but also to accelerate aging, called the “age of the accelerator”.

A full every meal

Each meal eat 70% or 80% full concept has been known for a lot of people, but when the fish and ducks with full table, or cannot control to eat to satiety. Studies have found that limiting calorie intake can prolong life, and a slight sense of hunger is beneficial to delay aging. The gorge can called a fibroblast growth factor substances induced in the human brain, proved to be the culprit to cerebral arteriosclerosis. When feeling your stomach is not totally filled, but the passion for food has decreased, it is necessary to stop eating. If the self-control is not enough, you can drink a bowl of soup before meals, eat slowly.

What you eat, what your get

Like sweet food

Some old people like sweet food, but if excessive, it will not only make people fat, but also will accelerate the aging of cells. Human aging scientific research group at a university in the United States found that sugar molecules attached to the protein fibers under the action of the enzyme, a process called glycosylation, is caused by one of the main cause of aging, can cause skin dull, dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. So, want to keep the young body, should start from the concept of change, take the initiative to reduce sugar, a long time the taste will become weak. Can also choose sugar substitutes, such as fruit instead of sweets and so on.

Eat more fried fish and bacon

The edible oil after making fried fish, shrimp, meat, and long-term drying in the sun dried fish, meat and so on, will generate lipidperoxide, which is a kind of unsaturated fatty acid peroxide. The study found that, after entering the human body, the body will produce a great damage to the vitamin, and accelerate the body’s aging. Therefore, the diet should pay attention to meat collocation, avoid too greasy, try to eat seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Diet content unchanged

Often eat the same food, will increase the risk of harmful substances residues in the body, and accelerate aging. And the variety of food species, it reduced the intake of a single food, but also to prevent the accumulation of toxic and harmful ingredients, and make the concentration of toxic ingredients to be diluted, and to ensure the nutritional balance. The elderly eat a small amount, it is recommended to eat a little bit per sample, to eat anything.

Eat deep processed foods

Such foods may contain harmful substances during the production of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, easy to produce free radicals in the body, the destruction of cells. Moreover, the latest research found that sugar, protein and fat in the high temperature for a longer time after processing will produce a toxic compound¬† “advanced glycation end products” (AGE), which will accelerate the aging of the human body.

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