What problems can be caused by lacking of sleep can cause for girls?

Lack of sleep can cause what for girls? Now more and more female is not so concerned about sleep quality because of work requirements. In today’s cast, the author will show you lacking of sleep will lead to what consequences.

1, girls lacking of sleep may be afraid of cold

Chinese traditional medicine believe that the lack of sleep, and then there is no ability to resist the external evil invasion, naturally easy to catch a cold. Plainly, this is a neuroendocrine regulation problem, lack of sleep, suppression of the immune system, decreased body resistance, then they will have the phenomenon of feeling cold outside.

What problems can be caused by lacking of sleep can cause for girls?

2, girls lacking of sleep may lead to forgetfulness

The most common thing we can do is to put the blame on the age, life stress or other problems, but the lacking of sleep may be the culprit. Sleeping is given a period for brain rest, if lack of sleep, nervous not get enough rest before to continue to work, if things go on like this will affect a series of problems, such as cannot focus attention, learning disabilities etc..

3, girls with less sleep will be more emotional volatility

People who sleep less, easy to be influenced by negative emotions, this is because of the lack of sleep and brain activity patterns back to the original mode, it is not good to bring emotion and event background combine to make the most appropriate response, but made a simple reaction is the most direct.

4, lack of sleep may cause serious health problems

Sleep disorders or chronic sleep deprivation can increase your risk of developing heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, arrhythmia, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes.

5, girls lacking of sleep to accelerate skin aging

Most people have experienced that no sleep in nights, then will be sallow skin, puffy eyes. However, this proves that long-term lack of sleep can lead to skin, wrinkles, dark circles.

6, girls lacking of sleep prone to accidents

Lack of sleep has become one of the most important factors that cause traffic accidents, and a person who is driving in a confused situation is equivalent to the reaction of drunk driving. According to relevant statistics, in the United States within a year, there are 100 thousand vehicle accidents and traffic accidents caused by fatigue driving is caused by 1500. Most of the perpetrators are young people under the age of 25.

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