What penis size can be defined as short group?

What penis size can be defined as short group? Most men believe their penis size is smaller? Even in fact, they are not that small as they thought. First of all, it is necessary to make sure what penis size can be defined as small type. Second, we should figure out whether it is abnormal development or individual differences in normal range. Finally, it is also the most concerned and most important point that if the penis is a little small, will they affect normal sexual life? Whether they can make their women with orgasms?

Male penis is different from each other just like the body height, weight and face features, there are many differences in lengths and thickness. In addition, under un-erection condition, the same person’s penis length is not constant, such as when under tension, cold or severe fatigue situation, the penis length can shorten than the normal situation. In addition, the method of measurement can also lead much deviation, so it is difficult to determine whether the penis is normal from the length factor. Therefore, do not check your penis with the data only. Furthermore, clinicians are also reluctant to judge whether the penis is normal or not. As long as your penis can do a normal sexual life, and complete the task of giving birth to children, it can be confirmed as normal.

What penis size can be defined as short group?In order to further explain the cause of penis size, it is better to look back at the birth and development of the penis. We divide it into four stages, so as it can be understood much better:

(1) The first 10-12 weeks of pregnancy, the penis has just been differentiated, only 3.5 millimeters long. At this time, the testosterone which plays important role for penis development is from hCG, secretion of placental.

(2) The middle and late 6 months of pregnancy, the penis growth rate is very fast, at birth has reached 2.5-3.5 cm. At this time, the fetal pituitary began to secrete gonadotropin hormone LH and FSH.

(3) From birth to puberty (around 7 years old), the penis grows slowly, because of the slow development of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, and the low testosterone level.

(4) After puberty, the secretion of pituitary and testosterone is vigorous, and the penis grows rapidly, reaching the adult level only in 5 years, increasing length and thickening. When the level of senile sex hormone is significantly decreased or after surgical castration, the penis can secondary degenerate.

In short, the differentiation and development of the penis depend entirely on testosterone levels in the body. If the secretion of testosterone is insufficient during the first 6-9 months of pregnancy, the penis develops at a lower rate than at normal birth, and the penis will be smaller at birth.

So, what’s a real small penis? The penis before puberty is shorter than 2.5 cm, and shorter than 5 cm after puberty, but growth and development is not normal, no erectile function; especially sexual dysfunction, no fertility, no sperm, then it can be considered as abnormal penile development. Causes of true small penis include:

(1) Primary hypogonadism of the testis is characterized by hypogonadism. At this situation, the hypothalamus and pituitary gland are normal and can produce powerful instructions, but the testes are diseased and unable to perform the commands to produce sex hormones and sperm.

(2) Low gonadotropin hypogonadism, because the hypothalamus and pituitary lesions, which unable to produce testosterone secretion instructions.

(3) Partial androgen resistance syndrome that means the penis is not sensitive to androgen. The patients’ testosterone levels are normal, but secondary sexual characteristics are abnormal and may even have hypospadias.

(4) Idiopathic penis, the cause is unknown so far.

By the way, the penis length measurement method is also very important. One is to measure the state of un-erection, and the other is to measure the erection. When measuring, the room temperature is about 25℃, after the calm and proper rest, with hand raised to the penis, use a hard rule to measure from the pubic symphysis, and compress the subcutaneous fat layer, the other end of the rule to the penis glans, the data is the normal penis length.

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