What penis color do women like most?

What color of penis do women like most? Like a woman’s vagina, there will be a change in color of penis. But every woman will have different favorite on the male penis color. So the question is that what is the most welcomed color for most women?

According to the study, the penis color is divided into three levels, respectively, first is gray penis, second black penis, and the third purple penis. In particular, the impression of the black penis is particularly strong for women. On the contrary, the white color penis make women feel week without impression, even the size is huge.

When your penis is a little thinner and shorter, but the black color will impact with strong power to stimulate the female sense of anticipation. Actually the sex is beginning of the visual part, so the black penis has occupied for a very favorable position before the real sexual intercourse.

What penis color do women like most?

Why does the penis become black?

What penis color do women like most?The reason why the penis becomes black, mainly caused by the precipitation of melanin. The more the number of sexual intercourse happen, the more stimulation on the penis skin, then the more melanin precipitation. In fact, melanin makes the skin stronger, which is conducive to longer erections.

How to make the penis black?

If the black penis is the most attractive, how to make your penis black will be very attractive. The more sex, the more black the penis will be. This is a good way to black your penis color, but this is too much troubles. So you might as well do the penis sunbathing. In addition to the sea beach or the mountains open area, the roof is also a good choice when the sun shine is good, take off your pants to have a sunbathing for your penis as well. Just like under the sun on the beach, melanin precipitation will happen in penile skin. However, do not for long time at one attempt in order to not to cause skin inflammation produced by the sun lights.

In addition, UV can easily cause skin cancer. In order to avoid sunburn, you can use sunscreen and other skin care products.

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