What need more attention for hypertensive patients in the hot summer?

Summer temperatures are getting higher and higher, patients with high blood pressure should be prepared in advance, and a lot of bad habits in summer may lead to unstable blood pressure and risk. Here to see what is the need to pay attention to hypertension:

Should pay attention to add water

Some patients with hypertension, especially some taxi drivers, long-distance truck drivers and long-distance car passengers, in order to reduce the number of times to washing room then rarely drink little water, which is not desirable. Summer due to the hot days, sweating more, easy to concentrate blood, coupled with the drive, less car activity, it is easy to cause thrombosis. Therefore, in the summer, the high blood pressure people firstly need to add enough water and to increase the intake of fresh fruit as well. People with diabetes, should take green tea or cold boiling water. Water supply should pay attention to the quaintly for one time to avoid a large amount of water intake preventing the heart and kidney burden. In addition, high blood pressure in the early morning is easy to get stroke and heart disease, a study show that is related to the lack of water at night. Therefore, in the middle of the night drink some amount of water when wake up, which can reduce blood consistency and prevent thrombosis beneficial.

What need more attention for hypertensive patients in the hot summer?

Air conditioning temperature cannot be adjusted too low

Because of the hot summer, some people like to set the air conditioning temperature very low. Especially from the outside to go home, hope to cool down as soon as possible. Such situation change, blood vessels will sudden become diastolic contraction from the original state, and then the blood pressure foreshadowed. Stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, and a rolling heat, blood vessels will be expanded, so that the blood pressure is constantly fluctuating. If the patient will then reduce the amount of medication, it is bound to be difficult to control the disease.

Do not refuse to exercise

The weather is hot, any movement will cause much sweating, which makes a lot of high blood pressure, especially in elderly patients with high blood pressure give up doing exercise. In fact, exercise can improve blood vessel wall elasticity, effectively improve the spasm of small blood vessels, so the size of blood vessels to maintain good systolic and diastolic function.

Hypertension patients should also have some activities in the summer, the key is to control the intensity of exercise and the exercise time. For the elderly, with a slower pace, lower intensity of the whole body movement. For example, Tai Chi, Mulan Boxing, stairs, riding a bicycle slow and so on, some community fitness equipment is also a good choice, such as twist, stretch and so on. The best time to exercise in the evening, when the temperature is relatively low, although relatively cool in the morning, but this time our blood viscosity is relatively high, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease in time, so it is not suitable for patients with hypertension were too much exercise.

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