What kind of penis shape do you belong to?

What kind of penis shape do you belong to? The penis shape, size, erection lasting time, are the factors attracted male most attention. When mention of this topic, some men immediately become very inferiority or neurotic. In reality, if your penis is not too smaller, you can absolutely get pleasure sexual orgasm. No man penis is the exactly the same with others, due to its development is impacted my many inner or outer factors. In general, the shape of the penis can be divided into six categories, as follows:

1, mushroom type. Glans like prominent mushroom, and the oriental male penis shape mostly belong to this type, which can quite win female favor.

2, tube type. Unlike the mushroom type with big glans, the tube type is overall slender, which is a little behind the mushroom type.

3, bat type. The shape is like bat type, which belongs of middle big size. The tube is thicker than the glans penis, so your partner will worry about the stuck risk.

4, cucumber type. Similar to the bat type, but overall it looks smaller.

5, ship type. The penis glans part is a little upwards, which is very limited model so this type can bring much stimulation to women to bring more orgasm.

6, triangle type. This type is the thinner the top part, so it should use more skills, or else the feminine will not be satisfied.

The penis curvature situation satiation that 57%proportion of the total of the left curve or right curve of the penis, more than in the middle condition. The bent penis is more likely to make a women reaching orgasm than a straight one.

Generally speaking, the hardness of Oriental male penis is superior to the white men in Europe and America, but the Europe and America take the former of the penis size.

Test standard for hardness:

Equivalent hardness         Hardness index      The order of women favor

Like wet towel dried up     100                         3

Like rubber                       80                           1

Like raw rubber                 60                           2

Like fish cake                    40                           4

Like lip cake                      20                           5

The penis size standard:

According to the survey data, the average length of the penis is 12CM, and the girth is 3.5CM (diameter). The 80% of the eastern male penis length is 12 ~ 15CM.

Recently, the University of San Francisco in California, presented a scientific study. Measured the size of sixty healthy men penis size when they were erect, and found that the average length was 12.8CM and the circumference was 12.2CM. The study of the General Hospital of San Francisco presided over the urologist. S pointed out that the clinical measurement results showed that American man always with big penis size impression is actually wrong.

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