What kind of feature can be defined as girl devil stature in a man’s viewpoint?

Girl devil stature in man’s eyes

What kind of feature can be defined as girl devil stature in a man's viewpoint? According to many surveys result, the plump women are most with fun and enjoy life, especially in the bedroom. They like wonderful sexual experience, and like to express they body to man.

Among the men who were unfaithful to their love oath, 75% of them said they had to pay more attention to their girlfriend appearance because they were under pressure from friends, and believed that the appearance was more important than her personality. But when they win a slim girl, and only 3 months later they will mostly turn their attention to another slimmer or younger girl.

Among the men who are very loyal to their love oath, 70% of them said they prefer plump women, and this kind of love lasts for at least 4 years on average. Up to 80% said it was a great feeling to have sex with their girlfriend who is plumper. It’s just like a duck to water. On the contrary, 75% the men who have slim girlfriend said their partners are more interested in themselves.

Men love curvy women, and women are always looking for S-figure body shape. So what is the criterion of a sexy figure in a man’s mind? According to Statistics recently, there are 7 criteria for a woman’s sexy figure in a man’s eyes.

One, Beautiful leg

According to the study summary, the legs which most can simulate men’s sexual desire should have 3cm outside fat, medial fat about 2.5cm. There are should only four contact points when two legs and feet close together, including mid-thigh, knee, calf and heel. In general, the knee is the golden point between the sole and the belly button. The belly button is the golden point of the head to the ankle. As long as you follow this ratio, your legs can be defined as slender and shapely.

Two, beautiful hip

What kind of women attract men most? Why do they have some kind of sex fantasy when see some certain type of women? Scientists have been trying to solve this mystery in a more scientific way. Until now, scientists have figured out the basic conditions of sexy beauty, such as measuring the attractiveness equation through the body proportions of adult magazines, and calculating the scientific answers.

Evolutionary biologists at the University of New Mexico in the United States have studied gender equality in the past 15 years. Scholars record different female appearance and bodies’ data into computer by using scanning instruments, in order to measure symmetrical proportions. Most men claimed after symmetry that the women with better body uniformity will get more favor, because in their eyes, this kind of women have ineffable attraction, which is generally called "sexy ". So women have the beauty of symmetry, which is equate with sexy.

What kind of feature can be defined as girl devil stature in a man's viewpoint?

Three, beautiful waist

Waist beauty is mainly reflected on the up and down smooth curve, and the curve up is linked to the shoulder and chest, and curve bottom connected to the extension of the fullness of the hips. The curve is like a single hyperbolic curve in mathematics. The body shape is beautiful, because the waist portion has the concave point, and the waist bottom is soft expansion to hips part. It is this change makes the curve with a beautiful feeling. So the thick waist cannot attract no one attention. When there is much fat accumulated on the waist part, the whole body will lose such kind curve. In addition, the waist asymmetry is also seriously big problem for beautiful waist curve.

Four, beautiful back

What kind of feature can be defined as girl devil stature in a man's viewpoint?The beautiful back is mainly on the curve and muscles ups and downs, but also the beauty form the side and front view of the contours. The most common standard of back beauty in women generally refers to the moderate width of the back, the golden proportion to hips, plump muscles, ups and downs waist, obvious curvature, obvious spine groove, and shoulder bone is less prominent. Most western women’s back is fully exposed, revealing most of the back, or even the entire back, in order to show the charm of their back.

Back defects mainly refer to: hump, which is divided into young hunchback, occupation hunchback, aged hunchback and pathological hunchback; concave back, flat back, round back, kyphosis and scoliosis.

Five, slim waist and round hip

What kind of feature can be defined as girl devil stature in a man's viewpoint?Research shows that the waist to hip ratio is 7:10 that means, the most attractive body shape should be as the waist is 67% to 80% to the hips size.

Recent studies have shown that the slim waist as the center of the women measurements proportion is also the health standards, and has a close relationship with longevity. For women, with plump chest, plump buttocks, wider shoulders, legs slightly thick and thin waist is the healthy types, this kind of female mortality was only 1%, but the thick waist women mortality will a littler higher.

Six, beautiful breast curve

What kind of feature can be defined as girl devil stature in a man's viewpoint?Medical Aesthetics believed that the female curve is the most beautiful thing on the earth. And the key point of the human curve is the body measurements, and the chest take the first place.

The standard of beautiful breast mostly including below two parts that is the breast and the relation between the breast and its shape. Common breast defects: small breast disease, breast hypertrophy, huge breast disease, breast sagging, breast sag indexing, asymmetric breast, male female breast, conical milk breast, nipple retraction and so on.

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