What is the women attitude on naked men photo?

It may be a very common phenomenon in our daily life that many men would like to send naked male body pictures to their women, including others or themselves, as they may want to show their charm. Do you know the altitude of you women on this issue? May be they have some different ideas.

What is the women attitude on naked men photo?

In this mobile phone popular age, nearly 10% people transfer involving sexual pictures to each other without their permission. However, experts point out that, if the men send naked picture messaging to women, it may be counterproductive, and she never circulated to show off to their friends.

"If she shared this picture to her friends, she may have been treated as fun, as naked man is usually seen as a funny thing." Doctor of psychology researcher Elizabeth Morgan at the State University of Boise said.

Boise State University study points out that if the men saw the opposite sex naked pictures, it may produce sexual impulse; however, the women will feel with fear. This means that, if the man send the pictures with sex organs to women, they will find it ridiculous, or feel terror. However, there are still a lot of men like to send nude photo, because many of the men thought that can receive each other’s nude. You should use text on the flirtatious messages but not some naked picture.

In fact, the women did not care too much of the genital size or hardness in their sexual life, and they pay more attention on the process.

What is the women attitude on naked men photo?

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