What is the relation between penis injury and impotence?

What is the relation between penis injury and impotence? Penile injuries can present very prominent clinical symptoms. Although male penis is located in very private place, where can naturally provide necessary protection, it is also possible get some external hurt.

The following listed the different penis injuries modes:

  1. Crushing injury: the penis is squeezed by heavy objects for a long time, resulting in the penis edema and even necrosis. Often occurs when trenches, tunnels, houses collapse.
  2. Impact injury: because of the careless during work and other reasons, the penis get heavy impacted and caused congestion and swelling.
  3. Stab wound: the wound is usually small but deep. It is highly possible get deep infection, when the drainage is not properly applied.
  4. Cutting injury: the edge of wound is more tidy, but more bleeding.
  5. Gunshot wound: when shrapnel enters, it is often brought into the soil, cloth, cotton and other items, and the wound is often contaminated.
  6. The bite: the penis get person or animal bites, and the wound is often get infection.

The prominent features of the penis injuries include local pain, swelling, blood stasis, bleeding, laceration, transection, penetrating, dislocation, stripping, necrosis, and partial defects. The treatment of penis injury includes pain relief, debridement under local anesthesia, suture and reduction.

Clinically, not all trauma affects men’s sexual function. The occurrence of impotence is related to the degree of injury of penis and the damage of penis, blood vessel, nerve and cavernous body. Traumatic corpus cavernosum injury prone to penile curvature after erection. When the situation is worse, it will also cause sexual intercourse difficult.

It has been reported that some patients suffer from impotence after the injury of the corpus cavernosum, mainly due to penile curvature and erection pain. Different types of penile trauma are related to sexual dysfunction in men after injury recovery. In dealing with penile injuries, we must pay attention to the protection of blood vessels and nerves, so as to reduce the occurrence of impotence after injury.

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