What is the reason for snoring?

In daily life, many people sleep snoring. If often the case may be symptoms of a disease, it is better to ask for doctor check and measurement.

1, tongue hypertrophy

Although some body shape is not fat, but it is possible that his some part is too fat, such as tonsil, soft palate and tongue hypertrophy, himantosis throat, relaxation, tongue and suffixes. And all these may cause your snoring when sleeping.

What is the reason for snoring?

2, body fat

Obesity is one of the most important cause of snoring. Because the obese person’s airway is narrower than the normal person, in the day when awake, the throat muscle contraction when the airway is open, so will not make the airway blocked. But the nerve excitability decreased, sleep at night when the muscles, pharyngeal tissue congestion, so that the airway collapse, when the air flow through the narrow part, will also produce eddy current caused by vibration, it also produces bursts of snoring.

3, nasal abnormal

Respiratory tract of the nasopharynx, jaw physiologic abnormalities are the cause of snoring. For example, the deviation of nasal septum, nasal polyps can cause nasal stenosis caused by airflow blockage caused snoring.

4, sleeping posture

Some patients with no abnormal airway during the day time, but when sleep because the airway around muscle tension decreased, plus supine sleep can cause airway like tongue retropulsion, then influence of flow smoothly through.

5, unhealthy living habits

Drinking alcohol and sleeping pills such as diazepam also can inhibit breathing, aggravate snoring, and even induce sleep apnea. In addition, smoking can also cause upper respiratory tract inflammation and edema, and smoking can reduce the risk of snoring.

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