What is the possibility of cure drug resistance impotence?

sandra-ramirez-200222lIn patients with hypertension, the most serious impact drug is the diuretic, in addition, the beta- blocker will also have a more serious impact, because it not only affect the penis hyperemia, and inhibit the nerve to make ejaculation is also blocked, and enter the brain and inhibit the central nervous system, and finally affect sexual desire. Fortunately, not all antihypertensive drugs will affect sexual function, and the invention of a new generation drugs bring good news for the patients, so when the chronic patients find themselves do have sexual dysfunction, do not stop or turn to other offbeat therapy, so as not to delay the disease. It is highly recommend to take the initiative to inform the doctor, and then assess whether the dressing.

The main symptoms of drug resistance impotence generally is shown as below:

1, the penis cannot erect or erect not firm, so cannot complete the normal sexual life.

2, occasionally occur impotence, sexual life is completely normal for next time, may be caused by a nervous or overworked, which cannot be defined as impotence.

3, although the impotence occurred frequently, but in the early morning or masturbation, the penis erection can be maintained for a period of time, which is highly caused by psychological factors.

The common medication therapy can cure long-term impotence:

1, psychological therapy, to overcome the guilt and failure premonition.

2, treatment of impotence by the treatment of primary disease, such as the systemic disease. As early as appropriate for patients with diabetes, diet control, drug treatment often can make rapid improvement in function.

3, drug therapy, stop the medications affect sexual function under the suggestion of your doctor. There are many drugs, such as antihypertensive drugs, antipsychotic drugs, cardiovascular system can cause impotence, so the withdrawal of these drugs will be conducive to the recovery of function. But because each person body is different, the method will be different.

4, under the guidance of a doctor, taking Viagra and other drugs, help the penile erection.

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