What is the most exciting time for sex?

The best sexual pleasure often occur in the most dangerous time, while the outdoor place is the highest realm. To bring a bit of excitement and change for your sex. Lead him out of the room, mingling in the canopy, it will absolutely wonderful to make you eternal life unforgettable.

What is the most exciting time for sex?

Although you broke up with him has more than two years, when you thought of the following scene, it still make you couldn’t help heart beating faster. In the summer night, the two of you drove to the countryside for a ride to escape the sweltering summer heat in the city. Mountain breeze blowing, a full moon in the sky, gentle music from the radio, so that he could not live release suppress already a long time, and the space inside the car is so narrow. Relied on the sparsely populated, he opened the door invite you out of the car, want to experience the outdoors sex.

Looked at his strong body bathed in the night, surrounded by a circle of looming halo, you cannot help excited, strong up courage to kick a cross out of the car, on the spot in him to undress, nature is the witness, insects and the symphony with you moan reverberates, in the climax moment, you suddenly realize so-called desire celestial being Thanatos is exactly what kind of taste.

What is the most exciting time for sex?

Why outdoors sex is so unable to extricate oneself? Occasionally convert the scene has a positive effect of stimulation of sexual lust, and outdoor open environment can liberate inherent taboo, so it can make you both more investment, more courage to try different happiness. That fear to be found will make you both emotions are more closely linked, and increase the number of pleasure.

In addition to the emotional factors, the outdoor sex can increase pleasure also have physiological basis: due to the fear of being found out, the tension of adrenaline secretion is highly increased, resulting in increased the so-called love hormone, and make you even more intoxicated with the gender.

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