What is the impact on the body of masturbation too much?

Masturbation in fact is a kind of way of masturbation, whether men or women have sexual needs, so in the absence of regular sex partners or when the stimulus, you need to release sexual impulse, it will produce the phenomenon of masturbation. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, proper masturbation on the body is no effect, as long as the attention to the health of his private parts, then masturbate too much to the body will have certain harm, then masturbation will have what effect?

1, temperament change.

Frequent masturbation brings is not only physical damage but also spiritual damage, it’s very likely will make people temperament change, spirit is dispirited, weak willed, hesitant, indecisive, surly, suspicious fear.

What is the impact on the body of masturbation too much?

2, premature aging.

In addition to make great changes in people’s temperament caused by frequent masturbation, it is also a kind of injury of your energy. Excessive consumption of your body energy will cause holes in bone marrow, brain dissatisfaction with life ahead of aging, who died in infancy, the body extremely weak but is a secondary manifestation.

What is the impact on the body of masturbation too much?

3, shorten life.

Normal masturbation will not overdraft people’s health, but frequent masturbation is hard to say. It is known that the human body is not inexhaustible, but need to nourish by the blood, and all energy is coming from your daily diet. Masturbation and sexual behaviors are in essence loss form, wear all the extraordinary accumulation means a premature end to quality of life and to reduce the life course.

This article introduces many risk caused by too much masturbation, and masturbation is addictive thing, but too much masturbation is likely to cause frigidity phenomena, because in coital process neutral partner both sides also reached the climax of the probability is relatively low, but masturbation is easily by masturbation orgasms, so masturbation too much will have a certain impact on sexual function. Recommend do not frequent masturbation.

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