What is the harm of snoring?

1, snoring affect the development in children

The rate of snoring in children is 5%, and those with snoring can cause stunted growth, or heart failure. Those who don’t sleep at night, daytime dependably hyperactive children most easily suffering with this condition, and mostly tends to be ignored by parents and even doctors, and cause child physical retardation and emaciated.

What is the harm of snoring?

2, young snoring increased the risk of cardiovascular disease, spirit

Because of work and learning pressure of young people are more and more. This often leads to people’s mental and physical exhaustion, each organ of this group of people will suffer damage by snoring, especially cardiovascular. Students with long-term snoring will cause daytime spirit is not centralized, memory loss, and resulting in learning decreased. Men will cause impotence premature ejaculation. Along with the increase of age will lead to vicious incident stroke and hemiplegia.

3, the elderly snoring can lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

On one hand, the snoring will create some diseases, such as hypertension, heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, impotence, etc.. On the other hand, many elderly people have varying degrees of suffering from these diseases, so vicious snoring is tantamount to fall into stone, make their illness more intractable one disaster after another.

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